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We'll always be good for Gempy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Watch Martin an open voice after the news of the divorce Gisela Anastasia covering the cover on Wednesday (11/21). Ivey said his relationship with Giselle would be good for their daughter, Gampita Nora Martten.

"Allow me to thank all the family, friends and all of you who love and pray for our family, especially those who love Gempi too," said Guddin in a black picture posted at Instagram's warehouse on Wednesday (21/11) midnight.

Gading also apologized for divorce, which was revealed to the public sphere. According to Gisel, who posted a statement about the divorce news a few hours ago, Gading hoped there would be no indirect news to accompany the issue.


Gading admits that the problems he and his family face today do not feel easy or will feel easy. But he asked for prayer and support from fans and carers.

"We'll always be fine for Gempi, pray for us, God bless you all," said Guddin.

Previously, Gissel had also opened her voice on the news of her divorce with Gading Marten. He also apologized to anyone who felt broken and mired in grief to hear the destruction of his household.


"With my humility I apologize for all the broken hearts for this story. I helped the three of us with the road ahead," Gisl said in the coach, with a picture of him, Gading Marten and his son Gempita Nora Marten, Wednesday (11/21) afternoon.

"Thank you friends and family for all the attention and prayers sent, thank you to all those who have supported us so far," Giza said.

The photo uploaded by Gisella in Instagram's profile is known as a birthday party that fell on November 16th and was uploaded by Gading Marten to her account at Instagram.

The news of the divorce experienced by Gading and Giselle became public, as the rumors were justified by the District Court in South Jakarta.

However, the Court refused to comment in more detail on the cause and only said that the case was registered on 19 November 2018.

Gading Marten and Giselle Anastasia are known for their marriage in Uluwatu, Bali on November 15, 2013 after they have been in love since 2012.

Five years since their marriage, both were blessed with a daughter named Gempita Nora Marten, born in 2015

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