Thursday , February 2 2023

WhatsApp for launching Boomerang features similar to InstaStory!


Quoted by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp posts for Android and iOS will soon receive the same Boomerang features as Instagram. If you are an Instagram user, then you should know about the Boomerang feature, which will appear shortly on WhatsApp's short message platform.

According to a recent report, Boomerang's WhatsApp feature is still being developed and may take a few more months for the Facebook-owned company to release to consumers. The report also points out that WhatsApp will allow users to convert videos in less than seven seconds to Boomerang. There is a separate section on Instagram where you can record your own Boomerang videos, but it seems that WhatsApp users have to use the video parts themselves to make Boomerang.

WhatsApp Boomerang Stage Development

WhatsApp Boomerang Stage Development

This report also has a video that clearly shows how Boomerang in WhatsApp will work when it's official. To post Boomerang, the user must go to the Status section, then hit the capture button and record the video in less than seven seconds. If the video is less than seven seconds long, this latest WhatsApp feature will show the Boomerang option in the upper right corner.

You have two options at the top right right now – standard video and GIF options. Once Boomerang is launched, there will be another option for converting videos in less than seven seconds to Boomerang. In addition, this report emphasizes that the Boomerang feature will also be available in private and group conversations.

As reported, this feature is still being developed and WA Beta Info does not disclose any information regarding the availability of the Boomerang feature for WhatsApp Android and iOS users. If the WhatsApp record is something to go by, it may be possible to see it officially in the next few weeks first for beta users of Android and iOS.

Important Notes Boomerang Features in WA

  • The Boomerang feature is currently being developed and is not yet available
  • WhatsApp is working on this boomerang feature to ensure that there are no errors before launching it
  • For this reason, it is no problem if you have updated the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS
  • News Games has no details on when this feature will be released

Instagram, the brothers of WhatsApp and one of Facebook's major subsidiaries, returned the Boomerang app in October 2015. The company also added the Boomerang feature to Instagram Stories at the end of 2016. Earlier this month, WhatsApp released the label of "Frequently Forwarded" messages for Android and iPhone users in India. Initially, this label was tested last year with the option of notifying users if they have received messages forwarded more than five times.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for iOs 95% Ready

How to download WhatsApp Dark Mode

In a separate tweet, WABetaInfo claims that the Darks mode of WhatsApp for iOs is almost ready to be official. The company is currently in the process of changing the dark mode for iOS. For Android users, the dark mode can be slowed down and WhatsApp watchers also say the feature will be called Android Night Mode and iOS Dark Mode. Therefore, we do not have a schedule to run Dark mode or WhatsApp.

In other news, WhatsApp recently confirmed that payment services will soon be official in the country. WhatsApp Pay will allow over 200 million WhatsApp users to transfer money directly through UPI. In addition to these features, WhatsApp also works on several other features, including group privacy controls, a new bundle of stickers, and a separate WhatsApp Web application.

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