Wednesday , September 28 2022

Without Ruben Sanadi and Hansamu Yama, this is a list of 18 players of Persebaya to Makassar


Photograph: Joko Kristiono / EJ


EJ – This afternoon on Monday (7/15), Persebaba went to Makassar from Jogakarta. Having scored 18 players, including the striker who scored four goals, Amido Balde.

"We departed from Yogyakarta to Makassar, so the children's breaks were more optimal," said Persebaya coach Jadjah Nurdjamaman, quoted by

"Our schedule is very narrow, we have to move so that children play more optimally," he continued.

In addition to Balde in Baiool Ijio's squad, Elisa Basna, who was released from the PSSI Disciplinary Committee, was sanctioned. Security, Balde is also revealed by the physician of the startup team of Vicacana.

"Balde is fit, ready to play in Makassar," said Dr. Pratama Viccastana

Even less good news for Persebaya is the lack of Hansamu Yama, who has not recovered 100% and Ruben Sanadi is injured. (BIM)

Below is a list of players' names of Persebaia:

  1. Missouar Saputra
  2. Abdul Rochim
  3. M Alwi Slama
  4. M Syaifuddin
  5. Novan Setya
  6. Elisa Y Basna
  7. Missbakus Solikin
  8. M. Hidajat
  9. Fandy Eco
  10. Rendi Irwan
  11. Damian Lizio
  12. Manu Jalilov
  13. Oswald Hai
  14. Abu Rizal Moolana
  15. Ottavio Dutra
  16. Amido Balde
  17. Irfan Jaya
  18. Rahmat Irianto

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