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Working with Sony Indonesia, MyRepublic has launched the Playstation Package


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The development of the gaming world in Indonesia is accelerating faster, especially since eSport has become one of the sports contested at the Asian Games in 2018. The notion that gaming is only made for fun
has focused on more serious activities and may even become a profession

MyRepublic, a provider of ultra-fast internet connections and cable TV nationwide, has responded to this phenomenon by partnering with PT SONY Indonesia as a collaboration partner to launch a series of products that will spoil Indonesian gaming lovers.

MyRepublic's collaboration with PT SONY Indonesia was officially announced at the event
there is a media gathering entitled # TakeControl with MyRepublic x Playstation
on Thursday, August 15, 2019 in Parc19, Jl. Taman Keman No. 19, South Jakarta.

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In this collaboration, MyRepublic is launching a series of Internet packs starting with 100 Mbps and Playstation 4 consoles that are equipped with Playstation Plus memberships.
for 1 year.

The event was attended by MyRepublic Indonesia's Chief Executive Officer, Handhianto Suryo Kentjono and the Head of
Teoh Wah Keong.

According to Handhianto Suryo Kentjono, CEO of MyRepublic Indonesia, the launch of this product
is one of MyRepublic's commitments to support the development of eSport

"MyRepublic understands that the maximum gaming experience must be maintained
with an internet connection that is not only fast but also stable and we believe in it
MyRepublic can meet these needs. In the future, MyRepublic will launch
more products and different innovations to optimize satisfaction
our customers, "said Handhianto.

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"On behalf of PlayStation Division SONY Indonesia, we are happy to cooperate
MyRepublic through fiber broadband and PS4 consoles. The PlayStation continues to expand
network and content services to provide the best place to play games, and we believe PlayStation 4 users need a fast and stable internet connection, such as those provided by MyRepublic, to support their gaming needs, as well as feature in a way multiplayer, download the latest game / patch / update or up
streaming content from non-PS4 games, "said Theo Wah Keong, PlayStation's head,
Sony Indonesia.

MyRepublic's Playstation 4 Internet suite product can be enjoyed by customers in the area
Jakarta from August 1, 2019

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