Friday , September 24 2021

Xiaomi finally broke into the United States market – One of the best smartphone vendors lately is Xiami. How not, only 8 years old, now Xiaomi has become the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Even more amazing, this achievement was carried out without being present in the land of Uncle Sam, United States. Xiaomi focuses on developing countries, especially their own cages, China and India.

About Xiaomi's gait, you can see in the article we have previously made, "Behind the success of Xiaomi shipping 100 million smartphones less than a year. Behind the success of Xiaomi shipping 100 million smartphones in less than a year" you can directly click the link.

But that will all change soon. Because, as has been echoed so far, Xiaomi will enter the US market.

Launching Phone Arena which was confirmed via Reddit, Xiaomi has announced that their party will hold an event in New York on December 8. The location and time are still unconfirmed, but Xiaomi said that the event was the "biggest party" held by Xiaomi.

In the event, Xiaomi is said to be showing off their "newest and best" gadget. In addition, the Xiaomi US team, special guests, and ambassadors will also be introduced.

Allegedly, this is the launch of the latest XIaomi smartphone, the Mi 8 Pro. Previously, Xiaomi did not sell smartphones in the US. Products that enter the US market are electric scooters, powerbanks, and wireless earphones.

Can Xiaomi survive the rigors of the Apple-dominated US mobile industry? Let's wait and see. [idc]

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