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You have fine and whole hair, The secret of the woman's mummy is revealed

A fine mummy. (Kurchatov Institute) – The mummy of a 3000-year-old woman recently made the archaeologists wonder about the secrets of fine hair and the whole body that still survives today. After a thorough investigation, the secrets associated with this issue were revealed.

Reporting from Daily MailEgyptian nobles 3000 years ago often produced special balsams that were applied to the hair. This is useful so that the hair remains smooth and intact.

After research, scientists at the Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia, found that the resulting conditioner was the result of a combination of calf fat, lime oil, beeswax, juicy sauce and aromatic peanut butter.

After death and mummification, these Egyptian women will be wrapped in two embalming herbs. The first is to keep the body, and the second to keep the hair.

Based on the results of the study, these women were preserved during the first millennium or BC.

A fine mummy. (Kurchatov Institute)
A fine mummy. (Kurchatov Institute)

To be able to do research and find special embalmed material, scientists have used mass spectrometry.

The problem is sure to be felt by scientists, given that mummies come from a long time, which is thousands of years.

As a result of the first analysis, the researchers found the presence of cow fat, castor oil and beeswax. Subsequent studies finally revealed the presence of abietic and dehydroabiestic acid. These two ingredients are acids derived from pine resin.

Finally, scientists have discovered that these mummies have been peeled with peanut butter, which must be in the hair.

In order to find answers to the curiosity of scientists, modern technology such as Positron-Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography is used.

A fine mummy. (Kurchatov Institute)
A fine mummy. (Kurchatov Institute)

These two technologies have obviously helped scientists carry out research without having to remove these mummies from the chests.

On the outside of the chest, using this technology, one can see that one of the mummies has no legs. Too strong, the legs of the mummy were deliberately cut off. Unfortunately, there are no further studies related to this.

They also found several scroll rolls and accessories for mummification rituals in mummy boxes.

Based on the unfolding of this delicate and intact 3000-year-old secret of hair, research will continue to reveal other secrets to these thousands of mummies.

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