Sunday , August 1 2021

Blackpool Week "cathartic" for Charles Venn and Karen Clifton

Charles Venn and Karen Clifton (BBC)
Charles Venn and Karen Clifton (BBC)

Charles Venn firmly said that his appearance at Blackpool was "cathartic" after everything he had been through on the show.

His actor and professional partner Karen Clifton has had a rocky time in BBC competition, ending three dance-offs.

But on Saturday they got two 9 and two 10, giving them the highest scores so far.

Speaking at the spin-off event It Needs Two, Venn said: "Still not fully immersed, what happened on Saturday.

"I'm still in shock, honest. That was the last thing we expected. "

Venn said the show was "not tainted" because he and Clifton celebrated how far they had come and arrived at Blackpool Week.

He said: "Actually we always work hard, but it's only electricity in the ballroom and knowing its history – it only gives extra excitement in our steps.

"It was a catharsis performance on the dance floor because of everything we went through until then, it was a celebration, and we would appear in style, if that was needed."

Clifton added: "We have gone through so many lows. We have been beaten – three dance matches, 25 clubs …

"And we are just, like, you know what, we have nothing to lose, we just want to enjoy ourselves.

"We really have parties out there."

Continues on BBC One.

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