Sunday , June 13 2021

Connacht lose, but they get a point in a clash with Cardiff

Connacht collided with the loss of a bonus point in the Arms Park when they dropped 8-7 in a collision with Pro14.

Andy's friend's team was in possession of inexperienced Irish internationalists, although their bonus point held them fourth in Conference A, third-place Ospreys and two in front of the Blues with seven remaining matches, one of which is the Galway return final. ,

Conditional playing conditions led to a grim clash where hosts had to overcome the loss of two players from mistakes and to keep the elements in the second half.

Owen Lane made an attempt on Blues, and Stephen Shingler was punished. Paul Boyle brought the Konaht experience, which Conor Fitzgerald transformed.

The Blues dominated the early stages and were rewarded with the first points when Shingler shot the 11th minute.

Connacht immediately responded with the first period of pressure and after repeated misconduct Brad Thyer was a yellow.

However, they failed to capitalize as they made elementary mistakes in handling, and Cardiff had the next opportunity, but Shingler was wide with a penalty from his half.

The hosts suffered another stroke when 13 Nick Men Williams dropped after equalizing their opponent in the incident that was not in the ball.

Dennis Buckley of Connacht deals with George Earl of Cardiff

The first 25 minutes were impersonal, but Blues overcame their numerical drawbacks to make the first attempt. The six-person package was unwavering for Lloyd Williams to get out and feed Lane, who provided a great finish.

Thyer and Williams came back from sin-bin as Connacht was left without a score to track 8-0 on the interval.

Visitors had the advantage of the elements in the second half, but could easily quit even more when Harry Millard made a clean break to feed Williams, but the scrap-half was pulled a little further down the line.

Connacht changed their midfielders in an effort to bring some momentum into their game, but they could make little progress against a decisive home defense in a worsening situation.

Visitors dominated the territory and possession, but the inaccurate handler continued to be their collapse, namely Blues, who had more insightful runners with Ray Lee-Lo, making some live outbursts.

Boyle's substitution forced him to move from a close distance to the other five minutes – but the hosts continued.

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