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Cork Supermarket is Recognized as Autistic Recognition In International Awards

The Co Cork supermarket has been approved for two international awards, including one for the autism shopping initiative.

Scally's SuperVallo at Clonakilty has been nominated for the "Shop of the Year" and "Diversity and Inclusion" prizes at the IGD Global Awards. This is the only Irish grocery trader on the list.

The store enjoys the prestigious Diversity and Inclusion Award for its Autism shopping.

In 2015, Scally's SuperValu at Clonakilty was Ireland's first retailer to make changes to the store that would ensure that members of the autism community could enjoy better shopping.

"We are so proud of being selected for the IGD Awards and we are extremely humble to be in the same category as world brands, especially after winning two Best in Fresh awards this week," writes Eugene Scally.

"Our recognition highlights how independent retailers can face international chains by providing buyers with a range of local products, excellent customer service and support for the local community.

Our success goes hand in hand with the loyalty we have seen from our customers with which we have worked to gain recognition for Clonakilty as the first city in Ireland to be conducive to autism.

Scally's was selected after visits by IGD judges to several Irish retailers.

The judges were impressed by the quality of the food range and the specialized proposals; expertise and sustainability initiatives in stores.

They also called out a number of areas, such as the gluten-free bakery at Scally's store, and its support for local suppliers through the Food Academy program; an apprenticeship program that trains shop experts such as fish and meat producers and chefs.

Rocks compete against rivals from the United States, Finland and Brazil.

The IGD 2019 Award, dedicated to the best of the world food and consumer goods industry, is held at the London Tobacco Dock on November 7th.

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