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Fortnite World Celebrity Pro-Am: Participants, how to watch and attend

Before the start of the Fortnite World Cup finals, we have another Pro-Am that we look forward to and the star will bring a lot of eyes to the event.

Several big names like Tyler & Ninja & Blevins did not qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in New York, but that did not prevent them from participating in any other way.

In order to include the best personalities, another Pro-Am event takes place in New York just before the start of the World Cup.

Epic Games

The World Cup is almost here!

We expect many of the same people who played in the previous two Pro-Ams to come back this time, even those who have qualified for the World Cup.

Airwaks managed to take the home of the last Pro-Am home, but returned to Pro-Am to defend his crown with his partner RL Grime.

How to Watch Fortnite Pro-Am

Viewers will be able to set up officially Fortnite Twitch's page (embedded below). If the last Pro-Am is something to turn off, then players will also host the event on their own channels and will be able to watch through a client during the game.

World Cup World Cup finals start on July 26 and continue until July 28. He started with Pro-Am and continued with the Duos tournament before completing Solos on the last day.

How to Buy a Fortnite Pro-Am Ticket

Fans can buy a ticket for the event via Ticketmaster and also gets access to the entire World Cup event.

Tickets are $ 50 per piece and you need to act quickly as this event is likely to be sold out thanks to the presence of star power.

Who participates in the Pro-Am World Cup?

Epic Games revealed the first wave of players, but there are still many more names involved. Expect the full list when the event approaches.

As for now, here are all the confirmed names for the World Cup of Fortune Pro-Am.

Long / YouTube participantCelebrity
Tyler "Ninja" BlevinsMarshmello
DenkopsXavier Woods
One_Shot_GurlChandler Riggs
AirwaksRL Grime
Ben "Dr. Luo" LupoSigala
LachlanLiam McIntyre

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