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Google Home Record? Employees get access to audio recordings

Google has admitted to giving employees access to some audio tracks from the intelligent Google Home speakers.

The technology giant said it used language experts around the world to study a small number of audio snippets from users to help develop a voice recognition system and other technologies in the Google Assistant Artificial Intelligence system that is being used in their Google Home smartphones and Android smartphones.

The assistant understands and responds to his voice commands, answering inquiries about news and time, and controlling other home-related devices.

Google Home Record?
The Google homepage has confirmed that it allows staff to listen to some audio recordings to users. Photo: Google

In a statement, the company said a small number of anonymous recordings were copied by its experts and revealed that an investigation had begun after some of the Dutch audio data had expired.

"We partner with language experts around the world to improve speech technology by copying a small set of queries – this work is critical to developing technologies that run products like Google Assistant," said Google.

Experts Language Experts review only about 0.2% of all audio fragments and these snippets are not associated with user accounts as part of the review process. We have just learned that one of these reviewers has violated our data security rules by expiring confidential Dutch audio data.

Google Home Record?
It says that language experts listen to help develop its technologies. Photo: Colm Mahady / Fennells

Our security and privacy response teams are activated on this issue, they are investigating and we will take action. We conduct a full review of our precautions in this area to prevent the repetition of such violations.

Earlier this year it was reported that the other giant of Amazon technology also listened to records of interactions with customers with the help of his voice assistant Alexa.

Amazon confirmed the process and said he did so with a small number of records to help prepare the responses to artificial intelligence.

Google Home Record?
Amazon recently admitted to keeping Alexa's voice recordings indefinitely. Photo by Stephen Brasser / Getty Images

He also said that users can view and delete records associated with their account through the Alexa companion app.

– With additional reporting from the Press Association.

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