Wednesday , July 28 2021

Passenger chases down moving plane at Bali Denpasar airport

Someone has seen "Mission Impossible" one too many times.

A woman went viral in Indonesia after she was caught breaking the security at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali and was running on the tarmac to chase after the plane she missed, Fox News reports.

According to Channel News Asia, the woman was booked on a Citilink flight from Bali to Jakarta. A Citilink official confirmed that the woman was scheduled for the 7.20am flight, but did not make it to the gate before boarding ended.

"The passenger was booked on the Citilink flight QG193 bound for Jakarta. She had checked in at 6.27am and had been told that boarding time was 6.50am, "an airport spokesman told Channel News Asia.

"But even after three calls and a final call, she did not turn up at the boarding gate."

In video footage posted on social media, the woman is seen making a desperate dash on the ashtray toward the plane before she is restrained by security members at the airport.

The viral video shows her trying to fight off the guards before falling on the ground.

The woman was reportedly taken back to the airport and booked on another flight to Jakarta departing at 4.40pm the same day.

You would think the sight of your plane was a sure-fire sign you were too late, but that was not the first time a passenger had made the wild decision to chase down and jet on the asphalt.

A man in Dublin tried something similar in September, when he made a dramatic dash onto the tarmac towards his Ryanair flight to Amsterdam.

Video showed the man being attacked by security and arrested.

Another passenger tried it in Melbourne in May and was caught on a camera storming the tarmac and trying to open the locked door of the Jetstar plane before resorting to kicking it with his foot.

He too was restrained and arrested.

Incredibly, another passenger pulled off the stunt at Madrid airport in 2016 – and it was actually successful.

The man ignored another plane preparing to take off and, carrying two pieces of hand luggage, he dashed to his Ryanair flight, climbing on a gangway and then trying his luck with an airport vehicle.

In the end, the pilot agreed to let the desperate passenger on board.

A version of this story originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission

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