Tuesday , March 21 2023

Samsung's Best Refrigerator Smartphone Launches in Australia – It's Bigger and Sophisticated than Everything We've Seen Before


Samsung Australia's largest, smartest Samsung refrigerator has been released today. But what is so impressive about it?

Well, if you use smart technology and like its capacity to make day-to-day life easier and more efficient, you will be impressed by the upgrades made to Samsung Family Hub software – accessible to those who already have Samsung's smart refrigerator – as well as the chance get a whole new model. The SRF825BFH4 offers the most impressive capacity we've seen in Samsung's smart refrigerator yet. Read more about our favorite features below.

Manage your refrigerator from your smartphone

Thanks to significant advances, it is now possible to use your Samsung Smart Refrigerator to get the most out of your phone's mirror technology – if you have a compatible Galaxy S. Smartphone – this means that everything is now possible – from receiving calls through your smart refrigerator (cool, right) to third-party application controls.

Set expiration date reminders

If you often work far away and find yourself returning to a refrigerator full of missing food, you will greatly benefit from the ability to check the sale dates of your refrigerator's contents wherever you are.

Improved entertainment system

Designed with an impressive array of built-in speakers, it is also possible to have your kitchen's entertainment system in your fridge.

Built-in Bixby

You'll also benefit from Samsung's very intelligent assistant, Bixby. Recently improved, Bixby helps users view to-do lists, share photos, and more.

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