Wednesday , June 7 2023

Schwimmer said police were disappointed he wasn't a thief


David Schwimmer said police were "a little disappointed" when he was expelled as a suspect in Blackpool theft.

The former Friends The star made headlines last year when fans noticed that the suspect, caught on CCTV, had a strange resemblance to the famous character of actor Ross Geller.

The photo is suspected of leaving a restaurant in town wearing what appears to have been a tray.

The photo is suspected of leaving a restaurant in Blackpool, carrying a can of crate (Photo: Blackpool Police Facebook)

Schwimmer responded amusingly by posting a video on his Twitter account, which showed him strolling through a convenience store carrying a box of beer before looking frantically at the CCTV.

He bet on the video: "Officers, I swear it's not me. As you can see, I was in New York.

"The hardworking police in Blackpool are lucky to be investigated."

He added the hashtag #itwasntme to the post.

The American actor is already talking about the Channel 4 incident The Lateish Show with Mo Jilligan,

He said: "I received a message from a friend of mine saying, 'Have you seen this from Blackpool police?

"The police had posted something that was really funny. They were a little disappointed that they excluded me as a suspect; it was not me.

"They said something insolent and I thought, 'Good for them, they have a sense of humor,' but I couldn't resist.

"So, I went the other day when I met a friend of mine and we went to my local shop, this little market around the corner from where I live in the East Village.

"I know the manager there, so I showed him what's going on and said, 'Hey, can I just shoot something?' "Just to let them know I'm definitely involved."

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