Tuesday , September 21 2021

Scientists explain how obesity can cause cancer – Punch Newspapers

Dayo Ojerinde

Scientists have explained how new discoveries can make obese people vulnerable to cancer.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, scientists from Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland, found that a type of cell, which the body uses to destroy cancer tissue, is blocked by fat and stops working.

In Nigeria, the prevalence of overweight people ranges from 20.3 percent to 35.1 percent, while the prevalence of obesity ranges from 8.1 percent to 22.2 percent, the National Center for Information on Biotechnology said.

Experts suspect that fat, which sends signals to the body, can damage cells, causing cancer. Fortunately, scientists from Trinity College were able to show, deeply Natural Immunology journal, how the cells that fight the body's cancer are blocked by fat.

One study author, Prof. Lydia Lynch, said, "Compounds that can block the taking of fat by natural killer cells might help. We tried it in the lab and found it allowed them to kill again. But, arguably, a better way is to lose weight – because it's healthier for you. "

Dr. Leo Carlin of Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, said: "Even though we know that obesity increases the risk of 13 different types of cancer, we still don't fully understand the mechanism underlying the link.

"This study reveals how fat molecules prevent immune cells from positioning correctly their tumor killing machines, and provide new ways to investigate treatments.

"A lot of research focuses on how tumors grow to find metabolic targets to stop them, so this is a reminder that we should consider metabolizing immune cells too," Carlin said.

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