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"She will always be our funny, whimsical 19-year-old" – goodbye to Father Jessica Moore, 19, at the funeral

The tragic Jessica Moore died after falling ill
The tragic Jessica Moore died after falling ill
Honor: Family and friends wear Jessica Moore's remains as their mother Catherine and Sister Ali look after their funeral at St. Patrick's Church, Bulun, Co. Galway. Photo: Frank McGrath

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She had a talent that could "shine all over the world" – but as Jessica Moore's father Brendan sadly pointed out at her daughter's funeral, only memories of her beautiful singing voice remained.

That voice singing "The Misty Dew," playing as the ark of a tragic teenager, was carried to its last vacation spot in Bulun, Co Galway, yesterday.

The 19-year-old died in the early hours of Monday after falling ill at her prom, an event she had helped organize as a sixth-grader at St. Raphael College in Lofrea.

Her classmates wore their school uniforms as they mourned for their friend outside the crowded village church after a week that was supposed to be a holiday for them – their AOC proposals were waiting for them yesterday afternoon.

Jess, a member of the Loughrea Youth Theater, was remembered for her musical talents throughout the emotional ceremony: her guitar was brought to the altar as a gift, while her father Brendan recalled that he was joking with her that one day her talents would be to be part of her parents' pension fund.

Expressing a touching praise, he told his friends to consider each other when they go out into the world together and always think of their dear friend Jessica.

"She lived her short life to the fullest, always in the middle, but she never wanted to be the center of attention," he said.

"Our girl loved to sing and perform. Even in Jess' toughest days, she would love drama – her performances in Les Miserables, Cat in the Hat and Hairspray showed how brilliantly talented she is. Only recently she said she missed introducing herself because she had given up on her year of leaving Cert.

"Music and singing were Jess's comfort zone, her place of refuge – when Jess was irritated, the piano was suffering, and she put out a collection when she wanted," he added.

"We are so happy that we have records from her that we can treasure and we can always turn to her for a song."

He lamented the fact that she would miss the monumental milestones in her life, and how the results of her 531-point Cert show showed she had all the potential to make her dreams come true. He jokes that she has two other goals, to set her sister Ali's bar and to defeat her older brother Cyan, whom he has always been proud of.

"We will not be able to celebrate her 21st birthday, her graduation, I will not be able to walk her down the aisle – although I do not know if that will ever happen.

"I used to joke with her that she is our retirement fund, with her talents she will shine all over the world. But here we are," he said.

"Everything was coming together for her. She will always be our lively, funny, whimsical 19-year-old, whom we all loved so dearly, and we will miss her terribly."

He said his daughter was "calm and happy" before her debuts, even holding a song with Ali, 17, at their house before she left. During the liturgy, Ali performed a powerful rendition of "She Was Mine" by the musical "Waitress" and "Jealous of the Angels" by Jen Bostic, in memory of her sister.

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