Sunday , September 26 2021

Survivors from adjacent laundry & # 39; to receive payment

Dozens of survivors from the Magdalena laundry were blocked because they received important compensation because they were officially placed in a "side by side" facility that would be given significant payments before Christmas.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will seek approval from an agreement at the Cabinet meeting this morning after Government legal advice that funds should be quickly tracked due to the elderly's nature of many affected women.

In a meeting that will also see Minister of Social Protection Regina Doherty put forward a flagged budget plan to increase parental leave for seven weeks and Transport Minister Shane Ross revealed new laws that force pedicab drivers to become Guards inspected and licensed amid claims of crime underway, Mr. Flanagan will say the State must help all Magdalene victims.

Noting that the Quirke report failed to include at least 52 women whose applications for compensation were rejected because they were placed in "adjacent facilities", the Minister of Justice would say this matter

now it must be handled. It is believed that the plan will focus on the need to provide women who are currently excluded from any compensation schemes with simultaneous payments, "pension-type" support, and other paid health benefits.

The exact cost will be based on the length of time a person is forced to work in the Magdalena laundry and is understood to stretch into hundreds of thousands of euros, with possible compensation by Christmas due in part to the elderly of many of those affected.

This morning's Cabinet meeting also saw Ms. Doherty submit a plan to increase parental leave by seven weeks, by 2022.

This step, which will initially see parental leave increasing by two weeks in November 2019, will be an addition to the existing rules of paid parental leave.

At the same meeting, Mr Ross will reveal a new legal crackdown on rickshaw drivers forcing them to be explored and licensed Guards before taking to the streets.

The move is partly related to the Garda figures which show that 158 ​​pedicab drivers have been arrested under the Drug Abuse Act in the city of Dublin in the past 18 months.

The meeting will also involve Tánaiste and Foreign Minister Simon Coveney who present a new report on US-Irish political relations.

Mr Coveney is expected to say the report has found 169 ministerial or taoisigh visits to the US since the beginning of the decade, but that more US political visits to Ireland must be encouraged, partly because Ireland is a "bridge" between the US and the European Union.

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