Friday , September 24 2021

The new, medium-road Surface Go model appears on the US Microsoft Store

Microsoft has begun to sell new divisive configurations Go surface the tablet, until now, is exclusive to Costco in the US. This model has advanced storage features from high-end models, but is an entry-level memory device.

Even though it's available at the Microsoft Store, it's still only sold in the US for now, and we don't know whether Microsoft plans to bring this model to other markets.

Microsoft wants $ 499 for this tablet version, which is among the entry level configurations of 4GB of memory and a 64GB eMMC (SSD) solid state drive and the highest-end model, with double the number. The price gives you a slightly better combination of good 4GB memory, and a 128GB SSD that is far better than an entry-level model.

In addition, it is important to note that the 64GB eMMC SSD used on the Surface Go is much slower than the standard 128GB SSD format. So, you get a slightly faster version that is also wider, less or less.

Based on the relative prices of other models, we hope this model will be priced around £ 470 or AU $ 750 if it arrives in the UK and Australia.

However, if you look at this configuration then you are only $ 50 (in the US) from the most powerful and capable version of Surface Go – so at that point you might be better off saving for another month or two. for the best tablet version.

And, of course, there are no important accessories included, so the nails are at least $ 99 (£ 99, $ 149) above that for the actual price with a Cover Type keyboard, and another $ 99 (99 pounds, $ 139) if you want to add a Surface Pen. So while this new configuration looks interesting at first glance, you have to think hard before clicking the 'buy' button.

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