Thursday , July 29 2021

Abdel Fatah el-Cassie: Europe can not "teach" us about News rights

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el Sissy defended the widely criticized human rights story of the country and told European countries not to deliver lectures in the Arab world.

"You will not teach us about humanity," Sissi told a press conference after the European Union summit and the Arab League ended Monday.

He told reporters in Sharm El-Sheikh in the Red Sea that Europeans "have your rules of ethics and values, we respect yours, you have to respect ours."

Sissy said Europe is prosperous, while many Arab countries are fighting just to prevent conflicts. He was applauded by local media after his speech.

EU leaders avoided public criticism of Egypt even in the face of an unprecedented suppression of dissent and a recent jump in executions.

Sissy denied calls to abolish or at least temporarily suspend the death penalty in Egypt, saying the practice was "in accordance with the laws and culture of the region."

"I listened to a great debate from our European friends," Cissie said.

"Europe's priority is to achieve and maintain prosperity, but our priority is to preserve our country and prevent it falling, as happened with several of our neighbors in the region."

The summit between the EU and the Arab League was opened on Sunday and was visited by numerous European officials despite the excitement caused by Egypt's recent execution of nine men in connection with the Egyptian killing in 2015is the Chief Prosecutor Hisham Barakat,

No one assumes responsibility for the murder, but the authorities pointed to members of the forbidden Muslim Brotherhood of downed President Mohammed Morsey.

Following the overthrow of Morsi by the then head of the Cesi army in 2013, Egypt dealt with the Islamists who supported the first democratically elected leader of the country.

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