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Government under the Highest Protocol


More than 2000 years have passed since the Holy Spirit descended explicitly to handle government affairs through the Church which was born on Pentecost for the benefit of the nations of the world. Unfortunately, the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit as governor of God on earth is still largely misunderstood. However, since the days of the Old Testament, the Spirit of God has worked through anointing in teaching government and civil government, giving leaders wisdom and strength, providing higher intellectual and knowledge skills to manage the country, and teaching how to give up prosperity and peace for the nation -nation. Tellingly, the Spirit of God was not given to do religion but to fulfill the protocol of divine government on earth.

The protocol is the right code of conduct, establishes strict compliance, is formulated and signed by government envoys as the basis for the final convention or agreement. People know what the government deserves through the quality of its ambassadors and how it dwells and leads to the results of the provisions of the convention that it ratifies. To represent the Kingdom of God on earth, we must submit to the King's convention, namely the teachings and instructions given by the anointing of the Spirit of God to carry out the Kingdom protocol.

Only when we fulfill God's will and purpose as it is written in the Kingdom covenant that God's rule is manifested on earth. Salvation is the restoration of the convention of heaven on earth. Jesus carried out the protocol of God's government on his shoulders and manifested it on earth. But Jesus cannot begin the government mission without leading and empowering the Holy Spirit. Thus, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, fear of God, advice, strength and strength are functional manifestations of the heavenly protocol carried by the Spirit of God to serve the highest purpose of governmental affairs on earth.

Anointed To Become The Government Stone For Nations

In Genesis 49, Jacob blessed his twelve sons before he died. The descendants of each of Jacob's sons became the twelve tribes of Israel. In Deuteronomy 33, Moses gave blessings to the tribes of Israel. A blessing always has the appropriate responsibilities. Through blessings, each tribe is given an anointing to fulfill the special purpose of government for the nation of Israel. As a stone of government, the twelve tribes of Israel were given a blueprint for the government for Israel. Every stone of government is called to be manifested on earth. Reuben represents the first birth to speak of energy and creation to manage the world. Simeon spoke to the control of ferocious anger and cruel anger not to consume the world with violent weapons. Levi is a call to dedicate one's life to serving a higher calling and purpose in life. Judah is a mandate for the position of leadership and position of the king. Suku Dan is a legal road map and order, judgment, and objective justice to govern a nation. Naphtali spoke of independence as an important component of national growth. Gad is a prototype of a warrior who strives to defend and protect our freedom and values. Asher is a regulating symbol for releasing prosperity and abundance to ensure happiness and survival. Isakhar is a cleric who provides clear wisdom and direction for a nation. Zebulun is an entrepreneur, a financial teacher who controls the market. Joseph overcame all kinds of misfortune to become a great leader. Yusuf never lost his integrity even though his environment was damaged. Ephraim is the power to turn difficulties into divine or fruitful opportunities in the land of suffering. Menashe is the ability to not surrender to the enemy's boundary strength. Benjamin is the desire to seek divine energy.

Jesus chose 12 disciples to witness the power and authority given to him from above to replicate this same government mandate in the world. In Matthew 28:18, Jesus told his disciples, "all authority has been given to me in Heaven and on earth; in the way my Father sent me, I sent you. "The choice of twelve stones represents the power of government, government, authority or the perfect foundation of government from God.

Both the ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist flowed in the anointing of Elijah. Amazingly enough, a large number of people tried to push their way to the coming Kingdom or government of God when they heard John the Baptist call the nation to be ready for God's rule. And everyone in Israel wonders about the right course of action to enter the Kingdom of God. Without hesitation, John told them to increase government responsibility by wearing clothes without clothes and feeding poor people: "If you have clothes or extra food, give some to someone who doesn't; don't cheat anyone; satisfied with your reward. God's government has come to a nation when people wear royal robes instead of cloth, healthy citizens and no starvation anymore, economic security is provided through good salaries and fair wages. Death has no place in this country.

When Jesus began his public life, his ministry flowed in the anointing of Elijah through the dead who were revived, the hungry people received bread and fish along the excessive supply, joy which was secured at the wedding feast of Canaan, the sick, the blind, lepers, and lame people are restored, poor people are seized, and freedom is given to prisoners. Jesus' ministry is an indication that when God's power or government arrives in a nation, it produces truth. God's government is a government of truth that shifts poverty, disease, unjust wages, and death. So, when an anointed leader takes over a country, truth is found within the country's walls. There is no place for disease, death, hunger, disease, economic policies that produce national slaves or economic prisoners, and a collection of marginalized masses. The choice of 12 disciples is only an indication that their vocation is to be a manifestation of God's perfect governance protocol for all nationalities. The Holy Spirit is the Governor who works to bring these truth protocols on earth.

It is never enough to emphasize that the Spirit, through anointing, is given to people who are ready to govern and act as servants of the government to realize the protocol of heaven on earth. Whenever God gives us His Spirit, it is always because of the needs of others and for nations to obey the protocol of heaven. The Spirit has never been given for our personal refresher or personal appreciation. King David was anointed to rule a nation. And anointing allows him to carry out and complete his mandate. Anointing stands for the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit who gives divine forgiveness to carry out the functions of government from a designated office. Let's take a quick look at how the Spirit of God was involved in government throughout history.

Moses was anointed to become a statesman in the office of a judge, a legislator, a wise political leader, expert, liberator, nation builder, and military strategist. Moses' anointing was to change the nation from economic and political slavery to freedom and prosperity through nation building. Joshua, Moses' successor flowed in the anointing of his mentor. Deuteronomy 34: 9 testifies of Joshua as a leader who was "full of the spirit of wisdom, because Moses had put his hand on it; so that the Israelites obeyed him. "In Deuteronomy 31: 7-9, Moses called Joshua in his place before all the Israelites who told him:" Be strong and courageous; because you will go with these people to the ground … This is the Lord walking before you; He will be with you, He will not disappoint you or leave you; do not be afraid or anxious. Joshua's anointing is the anointing of leadership for courage and strength in battle to lead the nation towards victory and internal security. Samson flows in the dimension of someone who overcomes and defeats the enemy with supernatural powers. Gideon in Judges 6 was anointed to overcome the curse of poverty and to free the nation from hunger and slavery against economic oppression. In Judges 4, we find Deborah sitting in her position as a judge for the nation. The order of Deborah is a combination of military strategists, judges, prophets, and intercessors for Israel. The anointing of Esther gives the ability to stand in a position of influence and courage on behalf of a nation.

In Isaiah 45, King Cyrus is an anointed servant of God for a purpose. What role is expected from Cyrus's government? "I will raise Cyrus to fulfill my righteous purpose, and I will guide his actions. He will restore my city and free my prisoners. "God's spirit fulfilled the threefold mandate through Cyrus. First, to complete the mission of restoring God's city to prosperity and peace beforehand. Anointing restores prosperity. Cyrus was called to manage hidden wealth and wealth in the dark for the benefit of God's people. Second, the anointing is to free people from captivity. Anointing erases terror and threats and ends economic and political oppression. Third, Cyrus has a mandate to rebuild God's house. Houses are places where people live and find shelter. Rebuilding the house of God talking about the protocol of godly life that found its manifestations through the complex architecture of physical buildings from the foundation to the roof. Rebuilding a nation speaks to the restoration of the right standard of living for those who call a nation their home. People must inhabit cities run by a system of justice, truth, justice and a just and fair economy in order to prosper in all aspects of their lives.

Cyrus is the type of Christ. In Isaiah 9: 4, the anointing of Christ broke first, the yoke of economic and political slavery. Second, anointing brings freedom by lifting heavy burdens from the shoulders of God's people. Third, anointing ends violence, oppressive power, and government. Christ's government was founded on truth and justice. As such, people rejoice because they have been returned to their former glory and prosperity.

Elijah's anointing moves in the realm of supernatural power and the miracle of God by reviving the dead. The spirit of Elijah flows to restore national welfare and economic security when hunger, drought and hunger are a threat to the nation. Elijah's business challenges the leaders of countries to take a stand against destructive power and death by building 12 government stones which are the founding pillars of the nation. Indeed, a nation surrounded by hunger, poverty, hunger and disease, must be riding on the highway of death.

Sixfold Government Credentials

In Revelation 5: 6, the seven spirits of God were sent to all the earth to achieve the divine mandate. God's government mandate came through protocol. There are different functional manifestations of the Spirit of God available to do government work for a nation. They teach us and instruct us about the protocol relating to the kingdom of the throne of God in heaven that must be manifested on earth. In the end, empowering people with protocols of wisdom, strength, knowledge, advice, and perhaps responsibility for building up the government of God or their Kingdom on earth. They symbolize our credentials that introduce us to the King's palace as people who are equipped, mature, mandated, and empowered by God's children, because they have the signature of the Spirit. Does a person have enough strength, wisdom, knowledge to testify that he is a government messenger? Without the Spirit of God testifying and certifying our credentials, we do not have the authority and power to release or reveal God's Kingdom on earth. The Spirit of God mandates us to position, authority, power, and power to bring divine government from heaven and to affirm it on earth.

The prophet Isaiah gave a picture of the shoots that would grow from the stump of the ruling family of Jesse. This shoot from the ruling family is Jesus and the Spirit of God dwells in Him and approves Him with a sixfold credential letter. The anointing function as described in Isaiah 11: 1-5 fulfills the government's mandate. There are six functional manifestations of the Spirit found in Jesus. "Getting out of the stump of David's family will grow shoots – yes, new branches that produce fruit from old roots. And the Spirit of God will depend on him – the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of advice and strength, the Spirit of knowledge and fear of God. "

1) Spirit of knowledge
In the book of Daniel, we find four exiled Hebrew youth who were appointed to leadership positions in the Persian kingdom. To become an official representative of the Persian kingdom, these children must fulfill the mandate required by the government to be presented and accepted by the king. Among these requirements, knowledge and understanding were needed to represent the Persian empire. However, the Spirit of God gave them extraordinary skills to understand every aspect of literature and human wisdom to serve the highest plan far beyond Persian political ambitions. In Daniel 1:20, it is said of them that "whenever the king consults them in any matter that requires balanced wisdom and judgment, he finds them ten times more capable than magicians and sorcerers throughout his kingdom". By the way, magic, magic, or astrology only use Satan's knowledge as advice to regulate human affairs.

Among these young people, God gave Daniel extraordinary abilities and filled him with divine knowledge and understanding. He is filled with insight, talented in interpreting dreams, explaining puzzles, and solving difficult problems. Appropriately, Daniel entered the royal service to function in a leadership position in the name of the Persian king. The spirit of excellence provides a function of leadership position to serve a nation. Spirit of knowledge is the highest form of knowledge that operates beyond human ability. Human or intellectual knowledge is worldly knowledge, and as such, it is the lowest form of knowledge. The highest dimension of knowledge and understanding is spiritual knowledge. In 2 Kings 6:17, the Prophet Elisha prayed to God to open the eyes of His servants to gain knowledge outside the physical world to see that the hillsides around them were filled with horses and trains ready for them.

John 1: 48 explains to us the level of knowledge in this spirit. While Nathanael approached to meet Jesus, Jesus wasted no time in revealing the true identity of who Nathanael was. Surprised, Nathanael asked Jesus: "how do you know me?" Jesus gave evidence that he was able to see in spirit before the physical senses could prove the real manifestation of an event. Jesus showed him the Spirit of knowledge rested on him: "before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you." Only the Spirit of God can see what humans cannot feel with their intellectual knowledge and academic credentials. We need an infinite measure of divine vision to know beyond our limits and human understanding to govern countries.

2) Spirit of wisdom
Wisdom is manifested through various forms, circumstances, and expressions. Wisdom is "knowledge" or power to choose the best and highest goals. The ability to design the perfect end to achieve the perfect means. Thus, wisdom does not operate without knowledge of all facts relating to any plan or purpose. Wisdom must be with skills in the formulation of plans and effectiveness to bring it to fulfillment. Wisdom can be found in vocational work, in business, politics, etc. … Bezalel in Exodus 31: 1-5 is one of the prototypes of wisdom in the expertise that is given to serving his people. "I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, Hur's grandson from the tribe of Judah. I have filled it with the Spirit of God, giving it extraordinary wisdom, ability and expertise in all types of crafts. He is an expert craftsman, expert in working with gold, silver and bronze. He is adept at engraving and installing gemstones and wood carvings. "

In Genesis 39, we find Joseph dealing with government affairs because the Spirit of God was in him. At Potiphar's home, Joseph carried out administrative functions to bring success and growth to his master's business. At Pharaoh's house, the Spirit of wisdom put Joseph in charge of the king's palace to fill the leadership position for the nation. Joseph's anointing was shifting the scarcity of the national economy into abundance and prosperity. But most importantly, King Solomon was the main demonstration of the Spirit of wisdom manifested on earth to the point of being recognized as the wisest person who ever lived on earth. Because of Solomon's wisdom, Israel as a nation prospered, was safe, and ruled by justice. The spirit of wisdom equips us to judge, bring justice to the nation, and restore divine order and authority on earth. In Luke 1:17, it is said of Jesus that "He will live before God, in the spirit and strength of Elijah, to change the hearts of fathers to their children and disobey the wisdom of the righteous." People become ready to enter God's government when they submit to divine authority through the restoration of law and order in a nation by human authority. We agree to be led by God when we are under leadership and our obedience to God produces wisdom.

3) The Spirit of Fear of God

The fear of God has nothing to do with some emotional attraction and trembling before God. It deals with extraordinary admiration and amazes the presence of God's majesty, power, and strength. In the presence of God we are released because of the presence of the Spirit of fear that God manifests around the throne of God. The fear of God instructs us how to obey and relate to presence, chastity, intimacy, respect, honor, and God's truth. The fear of God is about bringing god, responsibility, honor, and divine respect on earth. Obedience is a direct line connecting the ambassador with his government. An ambassador does not have a personal opinion, but speaks and only says what the government says. That is why it is said of Jesus that he found his joy in obeying and fulfilling the will of God who sent him. Out of fear of God, we become accountable to who God is around us and in our daily interactions with people. Fear of God brings honor to God's name. Job 28: 28 very elegantly says: "Behold, fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and departing from evil is understanding. "Walking in the Spirit correlates with obedience to God, just because we are not subject to the principles of the lust of the ruling flesh, but we are governed by holy obedience in avoiding sin. Without fear of God, we act without the divine order and fall back into ignorance. Wisdom is based on fear of God. That is why Psalm 111: 10 shows that "fear of God is the basis of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom. "Obedience to God's laws comes from the fear of God to make us godly people. "How cheerful those who fear God and love to obey his commands. Their children will be successful everywhere, and a whole generation of godly people will be blessed. They themselves will get rich, and their good deeds will last forever. "Psalm 112: 1

4) Spirit of Understanding

The spirit of understanding allows us to describe vision and revelation and to see and reign in the Kingdom. In Ephesians 1:18, Paul intercedes for believers to gain spiritual understanding. Paul is concerned about believers who go further into the spiritual dimension of knowledge and understanding. That is why he prays for the gift of the Spirit of understanding so that our eyes of understanding may be open. Our understanding has spiritual eyes. Revelation 3:18 recommends an eye ointment to anoint our eyes to see. Knowledge alone is not enough, we need an understanding to maintain and maintain what we achieve. Indeed, Maxim 3:19 emphasizes that "God established the earth with wisdom and established the heavens by understanding". Without understanding anything we achieve is sitting on the sinking ground. Divine understanding gives us the ability to see beyond action while creativity and achievement are in accordance with higher goals.

5) Spirit Advisor
Counsel refers to the idea of ​​steering to prevent turning off track. The spirit of counsel advises us how to receive counsel from heaven to solve problems and decrease divine guidance on earth. This helps us to stay on the right path. Thus, the advice here relates to supernatural knowledge of God's will, personal instructions, warnings, instructions or choices for taking a particular situation. As Isaiah 44: 26 reminds us: "I am the Lord who confirms the word of His servant and fulfills the counsel of His messengers." The function of the Spirit of counsel is to advise, guide, and help us. King David in 2 Samuel 7 has a plan to build a temple for God. However, God sent the prophet Natan to prevent him from taking this planning step. In God's plan, David's son, Solomon, would be the person who built the house of God. The way and mind of God is higher than us. Similarly, we find in Romans 1:10 how Paul planned many times to travel to Rome, but the Spirit prevented it. The spirit of counsel prevents Paul from going to Rome at this time. In Acts 16: 67, the Holy Spirit prevents Paul from preaching the gospel in Asia. In Macedonian vision, Paul received instructions to bring the Word quickly from Asia to Europe.

6) The spirit of strength and strength

The term "geburah" in Hebrew refers to power, strength, strength, mastery, strength. The spirit of strength fortifies us in a position of power so that we do not ignore difficult situations and remain motionless. The spirit of strength can help us to reveal the power and power of God on earth. It is impossible to wage war in the spirit without being equipped by the Spirit of strength and strength. The spirit of strength and strength enables us to take our place as rulers and servants of God's government on earth. In Judges 13:25, we see Samson manifesting supernatural power and strength beyond human strength because of the anointing of the Spirit of strength on him. Acts 10: 38 clearly connects the power that operates throughout Jesus' ministry with the presence of the Spirit who lives inside. Jesus was able to perform miracles and raise the dead because of the Holy Spirit within him. "And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Then Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, because God was with him. "

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