Tuesday , September 28 2021

J Street handles setbacks in competitive part-time competitions

The political action committee of the Israeli left-wing group, J Street, fought just under 43 percent on Tuesday night, because most of their candidates who were supported in competitive competition eventually lost their offer.

According to an analysis by the political consultation group Rational 360, J Street PAC, while winning most of the non-competitive races in both the DPR and the Senate, lost 32 out of 56 (almost 60 percent) of the competitive campaigns it supported.

With the DPR, J Street PAC lost 29 of 51 competitive home races (almost 57 percent).

On the Senate side, only won two of the five competitive competitions it supports: Jacky Rosen from Nevada, who overthrew Republican Dean Dean Heller, and Jon Tester from Montana, who defeated the current challenges of Republican Matt Rosendale. Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Claire McCaskill from Missouri and Heidi Heamp from North Dakota each lost their respective races.

J Street PAC collected $ 5 million for 163 congressional candidates, according to the group.

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