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Kate Middleton: Prince William encouraged the Duchess to do this when their ties began

Kate Middleton and Prince William met for the first time in 2001 while studying at St. Andrews University. They began to meet in 2003 before becoming officials. They collapsed in 2007 before resuming romance and later getting married. In the early days of their romance, Prince William worried that Kate did not face the same attitude as her mother, Princess Diana, when it comes to Paparazzi. According to a royal expert, William urged Kate to do one thing.

Katie Nicole writes in her book, Kate: Queen of the Future, that the mother of the three is told to smile at the photographers.

"William was aware of the situation and worried about it," Nicole said.

"He first saw how his mother had been harassed by paparazzi and decided that Kate would not be treated the same way.

A senior assistant told Nicole: "We were familiar with Kate at first and we were instructed from the start to give her any support.

"Obviously she was subject to great interest and intervention by the paparazzi.

William said we had an obligation to care for her and her family, and so we advised her about how to handle the cameras.

"We told her to smile for the photographers to have a better picture.

"She received advice on how to manage the media and we were there to support her if there was a crisis."

Now Kate is married to the future King of England, and she will probably be the queen's wife when William ascends the throne.

How do you prepare for the role? Earlier this year Queen Elizabeth handed one of her patronage to her granddaughter.

The Queen handed over the patronage of Kate's Royal Photography Society, which she held for 67 years.

Royal Expert Rebecca Long told us: "Kate has taken on new responsibilities a little bit over the last few years, so it will not be a shock when the time comes.

"William and Kate are the favorite royal peoples to take the crown for many generations, so people in the UK are very excited about it."

Kate also supports the Queen in high-profile events such as the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

If Prince Charles becomes a king, perhaps his Prince William's status is given to his son, Prince William, but this is not an automatically acquired title.

It is not known whether Kate will choose to take the Prince of Wales title if Prince William becomes Prince of Wales.

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