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Man who dies falling overboard on cruise ship appointed chief of UK top company – World News

This is the first photo of a London businessman drowning after falling overboard from the world's largest cruise ship while sailing in the Caribbean.

Vacationer Jonathan Pfal, aged 30, sank from the Symphony of the Seas as the giant ship sailed from St. Kitts to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

A lifeboat was launched to rescue Mr Pfal, who runs Rockstar Group, the UK's largest accommodation and mentoring company, and has his body restored to horrified passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean.

The father-of-two, a former Goldman Sachs worker originally from Sydney, Australia, is reportedly on a family holiday to celebrate his wife Lisa's birthday when he passed away in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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Jonathan Pfal was on vacation with his wife Lisa and the children, it is reported

Pr Pfahl's body will remain aboard the ship until it arrives in Miami on Saturday, it was reported.

A friend close to Mr Pfal said the businessman was vacationing with his wife, who was born in London and had two young children.

A friend told "It was his wife's birthday.

“All we know is that he went overboard early [in the morning] and the body has not yet been released from the ship in Miami. Hopefully [it will be released] Saturday. "

Jonathan Pfal died after falling overboard in the early hours of Wednesday morning

Mr Pfal's broken friends and colleagues have paid tribute to him on social media since his death in international waters.

The UK community group Yes Group wrote on Facebook: "We are all sad to hear about the loss of John Pfahl – Jonathan spoke on our scene in London, his enthusiasm for change and taking people on a journey was contagious.

"We will all miss him at RIP Jon."

Gateway2Enterprise manager Karen Gould wrote in a Facebook post: "I woke up this morning to hear the devastating news that my great friend and mentor, Jonathan Pfal, had died while on vacation with his family.

Mr Pfahl runs the largest accommodation and mentoring firm in the UK

"He fell overboard on a cruise ship.

"This talented young man was a great rockstar of entrepreneurs and a true friend that I will miss you."

AmeriCamp co-founder Lee McAither wrote: “JP was a real Rockstar and helped so many people get started.

"I can't believe I'm writing this.

Symphony of the Seas turned back after businessman fell (stock photo)

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"Life is short. Leave your fingerprint. JP you certainly did.

"RIP my friend and thinking about your family at this point. You will really miss her."

Warren Cass, CEO of Book Impact, added: "Such sad news for John. He was outrageous, charismatic, talented and had a huge heart. "

Mr Pfahl founded Rockstar Group in London in 2007 and was its Managing Director. The company is headquartered in The Shard.

Mr Pfal was on vacation with his family, according to a friend of his

He was once introduced to an event with Sir Bob Geldof.

According to a profile on Rockstar's website, he was inspired to become a career mentor after working for financial firm Goldman Sachs.

He studied economics at the University of Sydney and moved to London in 2005.

A profile on the Virgin website says Mr Pfahl created Rockstar to help small businesses and start-ups, helping to create more than 6,500 companies in the UK.

Mr Pfal's body has been recovered by a team launching a lifeboat

The company offers investment, legal advice, manufacturing, marketing and office space and has expanded to China, Australia and the US.

It also proposes a national mentoring program for the UK Government's Innovation Scheme, the profile says.

Mr Pfahl was reported to have fallen overboard between 3am and 5am on Wednesday.

Graphic footage posted online shows the lifeboat descending from the Symphony of the Seas.

It shows that the body of a businessman was pulled from the water and taken back to a vessel that carried thousands of vacationers.

Symphony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world (stock photo)

After the man was reported aboard, the cruise ship turned and launched a lifeboat to search for him.

Passenger Nickela Bitka, who works for a Florida television station, said the crew announced the incident over the intercom.

The passenger told 7 News: "I was on the balcony of my office around 3.30pm. The captain was on the intercom.

"He was like, 'Oh, the man fell overboard and unfortunately he died.'

"It happened around 4 in the morning.

Mr Pfal has lived in London for almost 15 years

"I looked out of my balcony and everyone was confused. You can see everyone standing in their tracks. "

A spokesman for the Royal Caribbean said in a statement to the media: "We are deeply saddened by the tragic incident that occurred at the Symphony of the Seas on St. Thomas Road.

"Our heart goes out to our family and loved ones for their loss, and our care team provides support and assistance during this difficult time.

"At the initial report that an Australian adult man had gone overboard, our ship immediately turned around, launched a lifeboat and carried out a full-scale search.

"We are working closely with the authorities and will continue to help investigate them."

The tragic incident happened during a seven-day cruise.

The Symphony of the Seas has resumed its journey and is due to arrive in Miami, Florida on Saturday.

Built in France, it is the largest cruise ship in the world with a gross tonnage and has a capacity of 6 680 passengers and 2,200 crew.

Last year, 23 people boarded cruise ships and found only four dead bodies, according to the Miami Herald.

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