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Prime Day 2019 reveals deals with Amazon: $ 25 Echo Dot now, plus $ 15 Fire TV Stick, $ 30 Fire tablet, $ 85 Kindle Paperwhite and more coming tomorrow

Amazon Prime-Day 5

Prices of Amazon's Prime Day are revealed!

Angela Lang / CNET

Amazon Prime Day begins tomorrow – Monday, July 15 – but Amazon has recently revealed (through a press release) the full list of Amazon devices to sell and what their prices will be. Some of these deals are now available, like Echo Input for $ 15. (See below for more information.)

There are a lot of cuts in prices, but the list for this year is more for past sales than for beating: although several elements beat the pricing on Black Friday 2018, many others just competed with it while some were honored slightly higher. Mostly, Cube fire stationfor example, would be $ 70, but last November he was $ 60.

One remarkable omission: The all new one Echo Show 5, which debuted last month to $ 90 and will obviously stay there for Prime Day – unless you buy 2, which gives you $ 30. The larger Echo Show, however, will drop to $ 160, which is its lowest level.

Amazon says transactions with "selected" devices will hit the site a day earlier, on Sunday, July 14, at noon. And if you already own an Alexa device, you can now start asking "What are my deals?"

Here is a summary of the deals available at the moment, followed by Amazon's full list of deals on a prime day. Full Disclosure: This list is mostly taken directly from Amazon PR's e-mail, which expands on the above-mentioned press release. We will analyze these (and other) deals over the weekend to highlight the best after the sale begins on Monday, July 15 at 12:01 pm PT.

Read the following: Our current list of Best Premier Day 2019 Deals,

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Primary Day deals are currently available

Yes, the third generation Dot has not been rated so low since November.

Sara Tue / CNET

Fire TV Recast on Amazon is $ 100 on Prime Day, starting at just $ 130.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Another deal exclusively for the subscribers of the prime minister, Ring Pro Doorbell Pro and Echo Dot package, drops to just $ 169 when you add them to your shopping cart. Earlier, the ring was sold for just $ 169 – Dot just added powder to the cake.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Keep in mind that this sale is for members of Amazon Prime, at a discount applied to payment. Right now you can embrace the Pro Ring handle for a nice $ 170 price. The smart bell works with Alexa and lets you check on your porch remotely with application. You can even tell the supplier to leave your package with the smart display on the Amazon Echo Show 5. t

Ian Knighton / CNET

Hold this. The second-generation Echo is great and $ 70 is a reasonable price, but it will drop to $ 50 on the best day.

Here are all the deals that come on Monday

First Day Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart display

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

The second-generation Echo Show improves the design of the first model and offers better sound quality and a 10-inch HD screen. It combines the intelligent speaker functionality like Echo Dot with a touch screen that you can use for video calling and controlling your smart home with a crane. We like the $ 90 Echo Show 5 a little better, but $ 160 for a full-length show is an appealing proposition.

Chris Monroe / CNET

This is our favorite intelligent speaker for controlling your smart home. Echo Plus has the same Alexa capabilities as the rest, sounds better than the other Amazon Echo speakers and has a built-in Zigbee hub, so it can talk directly with small sensors for a smart home. Plus, you can remove bulky third-party centers, so the $ 110 selling price is quite attractive.

Premier day security deals at home

The original ring bell is also sold on Prime Day, in addition to the new Pro model. If you do not need a thinner design and 1080p streaming, go with the older Ring instead of Pro to save some money.

Ry Crist / CNET

Simple but reliable Ring security system was already at reasonable prices. Selling a prime day makes a great purchase if you want a DIY system to monitor your home.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon has sales of all kinds of Ring products for Prime Day, which makes sense as Amazon owns the brand for a smart home. The Spotlight outdoor camera hangs on the porch and provides reliable lighting and monitoring for your yard. The Spotlight Cam is also easy to set up, making it one of our favorite outdoor cameras. The price of $ 140 turns it into a theft.

Chris Monroe / CNET

The stick camera does not stand out from the crowd, as does the Spotlight camera. This is an internal wired and wireless camera. He is a solid performer, but he lacks some of the features of such security cameras. However, at a discount, it is worth considering.


The Blink XT2 is a weatherproof camera with a battery that can last for two years. Getting two bundles for $ 100 is a good deal.

More premier day smart home deals

Josh Miller / CNET

Both the Eero system and the individual routers will be sold on Monday. The eye system in particular creates a seamless network capable of covering a large home. Our main problem with him is the price that is dramatically less for Prime Day. If you want a network Wi-Fi system, it's a good time to take one.

You can also save $ 100 on the Eero Router during Prime Day (pay only $ 99).

Amazon Smart Plug and Amazon Echo Combo

Save $ 55

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

Here Amazon introduces a new package and will add the link once it's live. The simple Smart Plug allows you to add voice-controlled connectivity to dull devices such as lamps. Pairing it together with the intelligent Amazon Echo speaker creates a fascinating smart starter kit.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Our favorite smart thermostat has a built-in speaker speaker and includes a temperature sensor so you can customize settings based on a specific room. The Ecobee SmartThermostat features better microphones and more elegant coverage than previous versions, and the sale leads to a lower price.

The first day of Amazon Fire TV deals

Sara Tue / CNET

Save $ 50 on Fire TV Cube on Prime Day. It costs only $ 70.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice remote control

Save $ 25

Sara Tue / CNET

Stream your favorite shows with Amazon Fire TV Stick and Alexa remote – that's just $ 15 during Prime Day.

Fire Stick TV 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

Save $ 25

Sara Tue / CNET

Spend only $ 10 for Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (typically $ 50).

First Day for Amazon Fire Tablet

Save $ 30 for Fire HD 8 tablets, only $ 50, or get two for $ 80- $ 80 savings.

Save $ 50 on the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, just $ 80, or take two for $ 140 – $ 120 savings.

The new Amazon Fire 7 Tablet usually costs $ 50. During the First Day it will be only $ 30.

Save $ 40 for the all-new Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet, just $ 60, or get two for $ 100 – $ 100 savings.

Save $ 50 for a Fire HD 10 tablet, just $ 100, or get two for $ 180 – $ 120 savings.

Save $ 50 on the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet, just $ 150, or take two for $ 280- $ 120 savings.

First Day Amazon Kindle Deals

Save up to $ 50 on Kindle Paperwhite, plus you get a $ 5 credit and a three-month free Kindle Unlimited, starting at just $ 85.

David Carnoy / CNET

Save $ 30 on the new Kindle, plus you get $ 5 eBook credit and a three-month free Kindle Unlimited, just $ 60.

Sara Tue / CNET

Amazon recently announced a slightly updated version of its flagship Kindle Oasis e-reader, due to appear on July 24th. The new model has an adjustable color temperature. But if you can live without it, you can save up to $ 80 during the Prime Day in the Kindle Oasis 2017. Plus, you get 5 dollars for eBooks and 3 months for Kindle Unlimited, starting at just $ 175.

First day deals with baby devices


Echo Dot Kids Edition will be sold for $ 45. It is similar to the usual Echo Dot, but features and programming just for kids.

More First Day Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet Deals

  • Take a $ 45 Sling TV credit that can be applied to $ 15 for the first three months when you buy a firewall, 4K firewall, Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Recast.
  • You get a 50% discount in three months when you subscribe to Showtime or Starz on the main video channels or in the app.
  • You get a 50% discount for three months when subscribing to CBS All Access on Prime Video channels.
  • Take Sega Classics for just $ 5.

More premier day smart home deals

  • Save $ 20 for Echo Input, only $ 15.
  • Save $ 60 on Blink Indoor Cam with two beams, just $ 80.

Amazon also revealed some details about Prime Day's electronics deals:

  • Save up to 50% of selected LED LED TVs.
  • Save a great Samsung QLED 65-inch TV.
  • Save up to 50% of selected laptops for computer games, desktops, monitors, components and accessories.
  • Save Selected Performance Monitors, Accessories, and Network Products.
  • Save to selected Chromebooks.
  • Save up to 50% of the selected streaming equipment on a computer.
  • Save 30% on connected home devices.
  • Save a great deal on selected SanDisk and WD storage and storage products.
  • Save 30% of the selected phone boxes and accessories.
  • Save up to 40% on top-quality headphones.

As always, we will be following this and other news from Prime Day next week. Stay on the line!

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