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Research: Daily Feeding of Fried Chickens Increases the risk of death by 13%

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Fried chicken is probably one of the best inventions of mankind. Most of us devote themselves to the delicacy only once or twice a week, but for those who consume it everyday, they may want to rethink their habit.

Studies published by the BMJ state that regular eating fried chicken can increase the risk of early death for any reason in postmenopausal women.

106,966 women aged 50 to 70 were asked to answer a questionnaire and they were followed for 18 years until the study was completed in February 2017. Researchers watched their diet include a variety of fried foods such as fried chicken, , fried fish and others,

In the 18 years, 31 588 women died, 8 358 of whom died of heart problems while the remaining 13,880 died for other reasons.

Research: eating fried chicken daily increases risk of death by 13% - WORLD OF HEALTH 2

Source: Eat Eat

As Insider cites, Wei Bao, an Iowa University epidemiologist and co-author of the study, said:

"We know that eating fried foods is something very common in the United States and around the world. Unfortunately, we know very little about the long-term health effects of eating fried foods. "

According to the study, daily consumption of fried chicken can increase the risk of death to 13% of all causes and a 12% higher risk of death from heart problems.

Fried fish they eat are clearly not spared because they have a 7% higher risk of death.

The good news is that the study found no evidence linking fried foods with a higher risk of cancer.

Not surprisingly, women who eat more fried foods are younger, come from a low income group and are less educated. Their unhealthy eating habits will most likely also be associated with smoking.

Wei Bao noted that the results could apply to men even though they did not participate in the study.

As Malaysians, we tend to have a desire to get fried foods, because everything fried is more likely to be sedap! But do not overdo it? Please exercise from time to time!

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Research: Eating Fried Chicken Increases Death Risk by 13% Per Day - WORLD OF HEALTH

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