Tuesday , July 27 2021

Roman Polanski's daughter Jonathan Rhys Meyers passed IFFI

Morgane Polanski, daughter of filmmaker Roman Polanski, and star "Bend It Like Beckham" Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is expected to attend the 49th IFFI here for the premiere of their film "The Aspern Papers" – the opening film gala – has given the show a loss.

Film director Julien Landais explained their absence from the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at a press conference here on Monday.

"Jonathan is trapped in Malibu, and you know that the situation in California is not good at the moment," Landais said, clearly referring to the destructive California wild fires that have made several Hollywood celebrities and people over the past few days.

Asked about the absence of Morgane "Viking" actress, Landais said: "He had to film in London. They both apologized for not being here today."

Morgane's visit was highly anticipated, given how the wind of the #MeToo movement is currently blowing in India. His father, an Oscar-winning filmmaker known as "Macbeth" and "Chinatown", pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual relations with an underage child in 1977, and more charges against him have been out in the open several times .

The interest in the visit of Golden Globe winner Jonathan was also natural because he had built a fan base with his role as Joe's soccer coach in the Indian-English family drama Gurinder Chadha 2002 "Bend It Like Beckham".

Since then he has appeared in films such as "Match Point" and "Mission: Impossible III" as well as rows of television entertainers. One of the upcoming projects is Andy Serkis "Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle". He has lent his voice to the character of Hathi, the Indian elephant, in it.

The film the actors "The Aspern Papers" will air first on the IFFI on Tuesday.

This story tells the story of obsession, lost grandeur, and dreams of Byronic adventure and is based on letters written by the famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelley to Mary Shelley's half brother Claire Clairmont.

Landais, present for IFFI with actors Nicolas Hau, Barbara Meier and Lois Robbins, said they were honored to be in India to present films at prestigious festivals.

This is Robbins's first time in India and he said he was "happy" to be in a "beautiful country".

IFFI Festival Director Chaitanya Prasad thanks the players and film crew for coming to Gala and "to provide outstanding brand value in the international community".

The nine-day festival will begin with a 90-minute full-power program that combines elements and narratives from the kaleidoscope rich and varied from the Indian heritage and film industry.

The colorful opening ceremony will feature historical themes, actions and romances, which are marked by performances by mainstream Bollywood artists.

Actor Sonu Sood will do an action-packed set, and Shilpa Rao will sing something romantic.

The ceremony will be blessed by

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