Sunday , June 13 2021

Send us your pictures of Scotland

People down to a lakeCopyright on the image
Martin Patty

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Martin Patty took this picture of his wife Carroll and his daughter Poppi in Tarp of Loh Lomond.

We are looking for your photos from Scotland.

You send them and we will include a selection in the weekly photo gallery published every Friday on the BBC Scotland website.

They should not be related to news – they could be a local landmark, gathering friends – everything that really portrays life in Scotland.

BBC Scotland Weather guides are also looking for your pictures on weather scenes from all over Scotland to be used on television.

However, if you send pictures to children, we must have written permission from the parent or guardian of each child (grandparent, aunt or friend will not suffice).

Send your photos by email

Please give us your name, where you live and brief details about the photos.

If you want to send your photo from your mobile phone, send it to the same address as above. You can send them from any network or phone.

If you want your image to be included in the weekly photo gallery, please make sure that it has a minimum size of 976×549 pixels.

You can also tell us what you think about the pictures of the week on the BBC Scotland News Facebook page.

Terms and conditions

If you send an image, do it in accordance with the BBC rules and conditions.

By cooperating with BBC News, you agree to grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to publish and otherwise use the material in any way, as well as in all media around the world. This may include the transmission of the material by our foreign partners; these are all reputable foreign news distributors who are forbidden to change the material in any way or to provide it to other UK broadcasters or print media. (See conditions for full terms of our rights.)

It is important to note, however, that you still own the copyright on anything you contribute to BBC News, and if your image is accepted, we will endeavor to publish your name along with it on the BBC News website. The BBC can not guarantee that all photos will be used and we reserve the right to edit your comments.

You should never endanger yourself or others, take unnecessary risks or violate laws.

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