Tuesday , July 27 2021

US rejects Israeli request to allow Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel – reports

The US Department of Justice has formally refused to allow Israel to allow Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel, announced on Wednesday three years after the convicted spy was released from prison.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said he had said he had asked US President Donald Trump to allow Pollard to emigrate.

Pollard served nearly 30 years in prison for condemning espionage for Israel and was prevented from moving to the Jewish state after his release in November 2015.

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The reports at Hadashot TV reported that Israel had also formally filed a request with the US Department of Justice asking for Pollar to be allowed to move to Israel where he would remain under restrictive conditions as part of an agreement between the two countries.

A few weeks ago, the Justice Ministry firmly rejected the request, according to the report, by pointing out the cause of the Pollard crimes committed in the 1980s.

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu head to the White House Oval Office on March 5, 2018 (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan)

The justice ministry also said it was rejecting Israel's request to look at Pollard's age and worsening medical condition.

The report adds that Israeli Consul General in New York Danny Diane is copied in response to the Israeli request, and that Pollard's efforts continue on other channels.

The Prime Minister's office responded by saying that "Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to commit himself to return Pollard to Israel."

Netanyahu's request was reported last year from news channel 2, renamed Hadashot, who said it had come to light the gestures of economic repute that Israel agreed to give the Palestinians the White House's command earlier this year.

As part of the request, Netanyahu promised the White House that if he agreed to allow Pollard to emigrate, he would continue to be subject to the same restrictions imposed by the US court on his release, the report said.

Jonathan Pollard, pictured on December 17, 1997, at the Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, North Carolina. (AP Photo / Ayala Bar)

Pollard's detention was a long time of tension in Israeli-US relations, and Israeli leaders have been asking their US counterparts for years to secure his release. After Netanyahu met with US Vice President Mike Pens in February 2017, he agreed to look into the matter, and it was decided that the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, would personally take it.

In May this year, the US federal court of appeal rejected Pollard's request to remove the conditional conditional release that was established after his release two years ago.

The discharge conditions require him to stay at his home in New York from 7 am. by 7 am, send the computer he uses for inspection and always carry a GPS monitoring device.

Pollard, 64, should also remain in the United States for five years, despite his desire to move to Israel.

Pollard pleaded guilty in 1986 for conspiracy to espionage in connection with Israeli contacts with hundreds of classified documents he received as a civilian intelligence officer for the US Navy.

The report was attended by Times of Israel and JTA officials.

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