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12 young dead, in Jesolo's car with 4 boys in the canal

Accidents, tragic Saturday: 12 young dead, in Jesolo's car with 4 boys in the canal

A four-wheel car ended in a Jesolo canal, perhaps after a collision with another car, a crash in Cesena and several incidents in other cities. Still blood on the asphalt on Italian roads on Saturday night, which this time marks heavy numbers with rare precedents: the balance is twelve young dead, including two minors. There were four victims in Cesena, and five in Jesolo because of two different road accidents.

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Children affected by the Jeep, Simone also died. Three thousand at the funeral of Alesio, father: «Lascerò Vittoria»

Giovanni Matouzzo, Eleonora Frasson with Leonardo Girardi, Ricardo Laugeni

The most serious episode in the Venetian town, where four young people, three boys and a girl aged between 22 and 23 died, is still unclear. The car they traveled with arrived channel Cà Nani, after losing control of the car by the driver, may have fallen into the water after a collision with a car. The municipal police listened to a person who could be involved in the episode: his car would have presented compelling signs of a collision with another car. Immediately after the incident, the first aid was given by some passing foreign boys who could bring the young wounded, the only ones who had been rescued, and three other boys who died shortly thereafter. The victims are Giovanni Matouzzo, Eleonora Frasson with Leonardo Girardi and Ricardo Laugeni. When the fire with the mobile crane fixed the car from the water, the body of the last inner man was restored.

In addition to the four deaths caused by the fall of the car in the canal, the fifth young man, aged 28, died in another incident that happened at the same time, ending with the car against a plane. Even ifEmilia Romagna counts its victims: in Cesena, four young people, including two minors, died immediately in the Sant Andrea neighborhood. The car they were driving would touch the wall, the driver lost control, and the car crashed into the ditch. The victims are four boys of Romanian origin residing in Forli, of whom two are minors: a 36-year-old man, the other three on board were 17, 19 and 14 years old. The 14-year-old is the last to be removed from the car, almost unrecognizable after the violent confrontation. Among hypotheses about causes will be excessive speed or stroke.

And a Castrocaro Terme, in Forlì, a 27-year-old young woman dies as a result of heavy injuries suffered in a car accident that happened last night. The woman was driving a scooter when, for reasons not yet known by the carabiners, she lost control and fell to the ground. Harvested in the hospital, she died of severe head injuries. Another centaur, 35, lost his life in Caserta, on the provincial road 336. He was in the company of other cyclists, all friends. And according to their testimonies, he would lose control of his motorcycle by crashing into the asphalt. Continuing the investigations of dynamics, it will also be a fundamental autopsy, and instead one killed and two seriously injured, the victim of an incident last night on the A7 near Genoa Bolzano. All who participated were twenty years old, the three of them traveled aboard the same car, which, for reasons that had to be established, ran into the safety rail. The incident happened just before 4 am: no other means involved. One reason for the crash is the hypothesis of sleep or high speed.

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