Monday , July 26 2021

A bug is to turn a character into a disabled creature

Bethesda has warned her fanbase about the technical problems she faces Fallout 76 will definitely go to fulfill the launch. The words of the publisher found feedback at these hours: after problems related to the connection, now a new and somewhat strange anomaly has emerged that is associated with & # 39;Atomic Armor.

One of the first goals played by a player once in West Virginia of Fallout 76 was to look for Atomic Armor. Too bad, as reported by some players on Twitter, this is plagued by serious bugs where, or using or disequipagging, the character is transformed into naked and deformed creature. The problem is not just limited to aesthetic factors, so you can even close your eyes and take it with irony: the real players can't move because of this technical error, and many have turned straight to Bethesda so that a firm patch can be published as soon as possible. You can assess from you the image that you found at the end of the article.

We remember that Fallout 76 now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the price of the microtransaction has been confirmed, users invaded the title with a series of negative reviews on Metacritic.

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