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Alarms like polio: a case in Italy, 90 infections in the USA – Chronicle

Pavia, November 16, 2018 – Case of moist myelitis acute, caused by a neurological disease called polio-like disease, has been identified in Italy by virologists San Matteo Polyclinic Pavia. Infection, with symptoms very similar to those known as polio, hits the child as a consequence of enterovirus D68 infection (EV-D68). Usually the characteristic image takes the contour respiratory syndrome also serious, but that in rare cases it can cause paralysis flabby by colonies of neuromuscular joints, spinal cord, stem and encephalic cortex.

Through warnings, the structure was informed about viral circulation, which in Lombardy registered 23 cases from the beginning of the year, with one patient, a child, currently affected by myelitis real. In the last few weeks this syndrome has raged in the United States. Virological laboratory led by Fausto Baldanti, University of Pavia, with groups Sandro Binda and Elena Pariani from the University of Milan, has ensured rare neurological manifestations in the first days of November. Even today, the child finds himself hospitalized, reports the doctor, and the condition is stationary. The D68 virus has attacked in Lombardy two years ago.

According to the latest data released in the United States, confirm cases of myelitis acute flaxid in children in America they rose to 90 in 27 states. "Chronicles has focused on the US situation," said Baldanti, but the enterovirus D68 "is one problems that arise also in Europe, Including Italy. If we look at surveillance data, experts determine, considering all acute respiratory syndromes, 1-2% associated with EV-D68 ". These are infectious agents that" always circulate – underline Antonio Piralla, virologist from the Baldanti group – but usually shows one trends fluctuate, a year fasterthe following year it circulated less, as we saw two years ago, when the final diagnosis of acute flaxid paralysis associated with EV-D68 was registered in Lombardy before this new case.

Molecular Virology of St. Matthew Pavia collaborated for years with Reference center directly from Binda to Statale Milan. After the diagnosis of acute flaxid myelitis from EV-D68 "we treat it genetic characterization of infectious agents – Explaining Baldanti – We analyze viral genes to understand whether they are the same type circulating throughout the world, or if they present details mutations associated with greater aggression"Over the years, this work made it possible to observe" the existence of a kind of Lombard Enterovirus D68 ", that is" a group with general characteristics, but slightly different from the others EV-D68 ". Information that would be the object of scientific publications".

Thanks to the supervisory activities carried out between Milan and Pavia, add specialists, it is possible to understand that "Enterovirus D68 has developed over time creating genetically different subtypes that circulate simultaneously ". And" because special diagnostic tests are not available on the market, one has been developed molecular test. Another novelty these days comes from Rimini, where the National Amcli Congress takes place (Association Italian clinical microbiologist, whose management also includes Baldanti). "At that location – announce specialists – we have prepared a research group for one National supervision network who still lack this virus, with special reference to EV-D68 ". Identify this enterovirus this originated in 1962, when it was detected in 4 children who were admitted to a hospital in California for respiratory tract infections. In 2014, outbreaks occurred in the US with more than 1,153 confirmed cases including 45 complicated by neurological syndrome. Also in Europe, two years ago, 29 cases of flasid paralysis associated with this enterovirus were found ".

Italy was declared free of polio on June 21, 2002 and officially certified. The last two autochthonous cases occurred in 1982, and active monitoring networks to monitor and verify the absence of polio. Like all respiratory viruses, the usual hygienic recommendations including hand washing apply to prevention. "Meanwhile, in America, the chain of prevention of polio-related infections that affect children does not stop. Cases this year have reached 219. For 80 of these, conclude the analysis, official confirmation has arrived. But even for others there is little doubts, and reports of new infections have come repeatedly.

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