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Amanda Knox is married, "yes" in a video on YouTube | gossip

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Washington – Amanda Knox, the young woman cursed and then released for the 2007 murder of an English student with whom he shared an apartment in Perugia, he received his girlfriend's marriage proposal, Christopher Robinson, filmed, and shared online.

The proposal was staged at his second home in Seattle: a video posted on YouTube (above) show Knox that, after hearing some "suspicious" sounds, leaving the house and going to the park surrounded by smoke and lit by blue light, laughing nervously and asking what was happening. Then he got closer to what looked like a piece of meteorite and found a tablet called the "Galactic Encyclopedia", which summarized the romance of both, starting 3 years ago, after he reviewed Robinson's novel in a local magazine: «I have thought about this, but it already happened in the future – Robinson said in the video – This is happening now. I don't have a ring, but I have a big stone. Do you want to stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns and even further? Amanda Marie Knox, do you want to marry me?» He answered "yes", so both of them kissed against the background of science fiction films.

Marriage commitments occur about ten years after the charges Amanda Knox has killed the couple of apartments, Meredith Kercher, with whom he studied in the capital of Umbria: in 2009 he and his girlfriend were Italian, Raffaele Sollecito, sentenced to 26 and 25 years respectively, but in 2011, after 4 years in prison, the sentence was canceled due to a lack of evidence against them, until final confirmation from the Supreme Court.

Perugia, the crime house is sold again
Meanwhile, in Perugia, the house where Meredith Kercher was killed in November 2007 was sold again, a «villa in the countryside in the historic center», as explained on the website of the Mediaimmobiliare agency, which handles negotiations; also shows the price, 295 thousand euros.

The house has been completely renovated by the current owner and is completely different inside as it was then Crime of English language students is done. Also set the exterior, which 11 years ago ended in pictures and photos circulating throughout the world. Unequaled in October 2009, it was sold by a historic owner in June 2015 to the current owner, who has now sold it.

Still on the website of the real estate agent it was emphasized that the «single villa» was «totally renovated in 2017 both from a seismic and structural standpoint "and" soaked in a private garden of about 4 hectares ".

The judicial situation related to the murder of Kercher has been closed for some time: it's true definitively sentenced to 16 years in prison Rudy Guede, locked in Viterbo prison and accepted at an external workplace; for him "penalty penalties" are expected in 2022, but this year can request semi-freedom.

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