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Anas, Armani CEO resigned. Toninelli: «Wind changes here»

ROME – This time there was no need for political boarding similar to the one set to claim resignation from the summit of Ferrovie. In the case of Gianni Vittorio Armani, number one Anas, it was enough for the Minister of Transportation, Danilo Toninelli, to move, requesting his resignation and obtaining it. The managing director of the National Road Organization, moreover, shared "mistakes" with Renato Mazzoncini, the former head of the Fs in the company he created a merger between Anas and Ferrovie. A project was launched last year, with the blessing of the Gentiloni government. On December 29, 2017, a bit extreme, the Group F meeting took over the completion of a 2.8 billion capital increase for Anas's contribution and, simultaneously, also the initial renewal of the summit. Confirmation, in short, from Mazzoncini, which was declared to end in the spring of this year, the day after the general election.

The double assembly section immediately enters the M5S viewfinderso much so that after the launch of the government the Gialloverde immediately began to pressure Mazzoncini, with attacks and explicit criticism of the integration between Fs and Anas, also from the League front with the pressure of Deputy Minister of Transportation Edoardo Rixi and Undersecretary Armando Siri. A dynamic which at the end of July caused the resignation of the entire board of directors of the train group, which was declared bankrupt under Frattini's law. Meanwhile, Armani remained at the helm of Anas (as well as managing director and general manager) with certainty of failure in integration with the Railway and the realization that the new executive was aiming to dismantle the operation.

The idea of ​​national infrastructure players has diminished, except Minister Toninelli has set a new path to be assigned to Anas. The turnaround from the last hours, with a request to Armani to step aside, was the beginning of the board of directors' renewal, in the evening also resigned Vera Fiorani and Antonella D Andrea, thus making the entire board disappear. Next week a new summit must be presented and the ministry screens that there will be a new CEO's name.

What is certain is that Armani is graceful and stringy to communicate his resignation "taking into account the changes in the government's orientation to the integration of Fs Italiane and Anas" has not received applause. Toninelli relies on social networks to emphasize: "The wind also changed in Anas. In the past we left waste, salaries, and pure financial maneuvers. For the future we are working on new Anas with fewer people behind the desk and more technicians designing, build and keep the road safe ".

Harsh words paired with M5S Senator, Elio Lannutti. "Finally Armani resigned but did not believe that now everything would be forgotten: M5 would verify the regularity of the contracts given by ANAS in Italy and abroad – he announced – we submitted, we from M5s, a question signed by 50 members of parliament and by the group leader Stefano Patuanelli where we denounced his irregularities and management errors ".

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