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Asi, Premier Giuseppe Conte was nominated as Piero Benvenuti commissioner


A new blow in breast milk. After the controversy over the elimination of Roberto Battiston from the Italian Space Agency, Council president Giuseppe Conte, at the suggestion of Education Minister Marco Bussetti, had decided to appoint extraordinary commissioner Professor Piero Benvenuti, a regular at the Padua University astrophysics. Thus the hypothesis of the takeover of space by Defense finally vanished as it appeared at first when, in Battiston's place, the name Pasquale Preziosa, the general at rest, was circulated, the former head of the General Staff and head of the Cabinet of Minister Giampaolo Di Paola.

Appointments on time

Polemic follows the brutal dismissal of Battiston who has amassed direct solidarity from many colleagues (from astronaut Paolo Nespoli to physicist Carlo Rovelli) and has been accepted at Quirinale by president Sergio Mattarella, leading the government to commission the Agency not with a soldier, or with a politician, but with other scientists who can boast long experiences in breast milk. Professor Benvenuti will be assisted as a sub-commissioner by lawyer Giovanni Cinque, an aerospace lawyer. The second must transport the Agency for the much needed time to complete the public selection procedure, already activated, to identify the new president.


Welcome, 72 years old, born in 1946 at Conegliano (Treviso). After graduating in Physics at Padua in 1970, he began his career as an astronomer at the Asiago Observatory. He taught astrophysics for twenty years at Cagliari before returning to Padua in 2005 as Ordinary High Energy Astrophysics. From 1984 to 2003 he was the European scientific director of the Hubble project (born from a collaboration between NASA and ESA). From 2003 to 2007 he was president of the National Astrophysics Institute: he left first after the replacement of guards at Miur from Letizia Moratti to Fabio Mussi. He knew Asi well to be a member of the board from 2007 to 2011: at that time the agency was led by Enrico Saggese, appointed by Maria Stella Gelmini after the removal of Giovanni Bignami. Saggese was forced to resign in 2014 (minister Maria Chiara Carrozza) following the opening of an investigation into bribery attempts that made him end up under house arrest.
In the non-professional field, Benvenuti is interested in issues related to the Rare Diseases and has participated in the drafting of the Bill Objectives of the part of the National Health Fund to protect the dignity of life and the rights of people affected by rare diseases.

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