Sunday , August 1 2021

"Back in Serie A – Never say never"

There will also be a 2018 Golden Bench award Antonio Conte, who has issued several statements about Italy National, about his future and much more. This certainly makes the sensation of his failure landing on the bench Real Madrid: "I think for my level coach it is better to wait for the start of the new season and not take the train in a race, as can happen at Real Madrid"Who knows what his future will be:"I would rather wait for June and then start a trip with a new team. Right now I don't feel the need to go back to training and so I stick with this idea, but maybe in two months I changed my mind and I dumped myself (laughing, ed).

This should not be excluded, among other things, that Lecce can return to training Serie A: "Of course, also because Italy is always happy to be in Italy. Then the level of our football develops, the only problem as mentioned is that Juventus widen the gap with others too. Of course in Italy I'm fine and I want to go back to work, without neglecting clearly overseas"

On the head, in words and in the heart of the technician there too national: "Coverciano is my home in two years as a technical commissioner, so I always remember it with great love and emotion. We have two wonderful years, very intense, especially during that month during the European Championship. There was a lot of affection for me too because it was clear we were leaving something and we managed to send emotions and enthusiasm"

on Mancini: "I believe the National team is at the beginning of a new path and that Roberto is the right person to start this path. I see a lot of good young people, I think in the last two matches Italy has declared good football with good intensity, things that leave hope for the future. To forget the past quickly, you cannot give up: "We have to have a little 'patience knowing that we always talk about Italy and that when the competition comes, we always know how to make ourselves respected. Failure to qualify for the World Cup is a hard hit, but we don't have to look into the past but project ourselves forward to build something beautiful and avoid things like that happening again."

Comments that cannot be received at Juventus: "The Juventus trend does not make me very effective, because the Bianconeri are only the result of the extraordinary work done by companies, coaches and players. That didn't surprise me at all, it was inevitable that the other teams must now move and try to do something more because the path that the Bianconeri had made with other formations was very clear. Finally, an observation upon arrival Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin: "No regrets that have just arrived at Juventus. In my time, I had very strong players that made me proud"

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