Thursday , July 29 2021

Bankitalia, the average expenditure for current accounts is increasing –

MILAN – For the second year in a row, PMedia spending for correntio account management began to rise again. According to ratings published by the Bank of Italy it has increased by around € 1.8 from the previous year to € 79.4. Growth, explains Via Nazionale, stems from "greater basic costs and, to a lesser extent, higher costs for credit and debit cards, the components of the expenditure variable have not experienced significant changes".

Which in 2017 is the second consecutive increase (€ 1.1 in 2016) and followed by a period of prolonged decline. Fixed costs are € 52.8 and represent around two-thirds of total expenditure. Basic costs increase by 3 euros, while the increase in fees for credit and debit cards is quite large, although less significant (0.8 euro total); on the other hand, costs associated with residual services, such as maintenance of securities files or periodic interest payments, decreased by € 2.1.

Variable costs, equivalent to 26.6 euros, remained almost constant, recording an increase of more than 0.3 euros. A small increase was caused by online transfers (mainly due to an increase in the number of transfers made), to automatic payments and occasional services. On the other hand, the costs of entering accounting operations are carried out in branches, which in turn depends on the small operations carried out on the latter, decreasing.

This survey estimates the average management costs of an account calculated based on operations carried out by a representative sample of customers that are documented in a year-end statement; The survey also shows the fees and commissions that are actually charged for a year on the credit and overdraft line.

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