Thursday , July 29 2021

Basketball, Euroleague: Milan-Vitoria 93-90

Milan has made another success in his excellent first place in the Euroleague, Vitoria (93-90), and remains fourth in the standings and is waiting for the second weekend in Barcelona on Friday. Wonderful collective representation of red and white, which, despite the absence of Nedovich and Della Valle, bent the Basques thanks to the symphonic Mikov in attack (22 points) and the usual grandiose James (20 with 8 assists). It is important that Jerelles (13 points) and Brooks (12 with 7 rebounds), Poirier (18 with 10 rebounds) and former Sienese Janning (18 with 4 three) are not enough.

of the race
Start balanced with Milan, which immediately relies on Mirov, the Serbian evening, but the Basques meet with the star of Shelenia, 5-4 with Mike James's first ring. AX, who tries to include Tarczewski and goes to more than 5 after the US center basket, 13-8. The maximum whitish margin (Mikov's triple) reaches 7 points, and then the men's response to Persovic. From the trio of the former Sienese Janning there is a mini-pause of Vitoria, which returns to minus 1 in the first quarter cheeses, 27-26. Difficult defensive and blatant attacks on both sides try to break the hosts despite the second premature foul of warm Mikko Mikov, 41-32. Triple in the Jerelles, Brooks and Berthans for the first two-digit advantage, 44-34, Basconia's reaction, stamped by the long, Hilliard, Shelenia, and excellent Poire, benefit from a drop in the host's tension, -43. The Olympic warrior after a long rest, Mike James was flying in the air for the new pit 9, 56-47 with three yarns from the former Panathinaikos. Demonaco James and Mikov are still on fire, the double figure returns the growth of Italian champions, 62-52, Shengelia, Janing and Vildosa, his triple of 66-60 maintains a connection with the Basques. In a less positive night, Kuzminskas puts five important points to try to repel the Bascónian attack, which does not give up despite some loose losses from Shengelia, 73-68 of the penultimate siren.

in the last quarter
The intensity of the challenge, Captain Zinciarini, and Jerelli's killer instinct, continue ahead of Milan, despite the outbursts of Huertas and Jingang, 82-75. Poirier remains a complex rebellion for the Milan defense, Brooks has a start with a basic 2 + 1, 88-79. There is also a bit of luck in Vitoria's new restoration (Vildoza triple table), which misses the ball three times 88-85. A furious fight for rebounding with several exactions from the hosts, James puts free, but Kirolbet and in one possession 89-87. Another main possession of Coach Perrasovic's men, do not miss Jerelles from the charity line for Olympia, which sees the arrival banner from 91-87 to 28 seconds from the end. Shelenia failed the last attack, thanks to the superb protection of Brooks, the former Sassari repeats itself (after Mikov's crazy move) to Hilliard's triple despair.
MILAN: Mikov 22, James 20, Jerelles 13

Vitoria: Janning and Poirier 18, Vildoza 15

Marco Taminelli

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