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Delio: With the M5S you need a German deal – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, August 16 – "Agreement with
German, like CDU and SPD, writing something. The man sits,
well, every point is analyzed for the good of the country,
summoning the best minds to give a different footprint.

This country has so far been obsessed with topics that are not
they brought good, like immigration. I'm glad Conte
he took note. "So the leader of the Pd group in the Graziano House
Delrio in agreement with M5s. "Matarella dictates the times, no
Salvini. The Northern League was arrogant and turned against
wall while the M5S defended institutions, "still Delrio,
"We at Matarella will talk about work and green
ecological emergency. Hard, serious work and no say
which does not allow this point to clarify the points of
convergence with M5S "Material" will be presented
management summary of 21 August. The secretary will do that
synthesis, and I'm sure – Delio continues
to convince our constituents that we are not playing a game
Palace. "