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duchess copy Sarah Jessica Parker

Kate Middleton

The most beloved dress this year? This, by Alessandra Rich: Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Abigail Spencer, friends of Meghan Markle at Royal Wewdding on May 19. Instagram photos

Let's put it this way: Kate Middleton copies Sarah Jessica Parker. Dates appearance in hand, that is a fact.

We can say that Kate Middleton he has the moment Sex & The City. Or is it between him Sarah Jessica Parker there is only one degree of separation. Namely, the dress you see is worn by both in the picture above.

On great recycling days (the last date back to 2013 and in its third appearance), Kate Middleton also managed to crown this year's gown / dress polka dress chosen for official birthday photo Prince Charles. Yes, only one with the whole family on the bench, in the garden Clarence House.

Kate Middleton

Family photos for Prince Charles's 70th birthday. Kate Middleton appoints Louis. Meghan Markle laughs at Givenchy. The photo was taken in September and published on November 14. Instagram photos

Kate Middleton with hers Alessandra Rich he put in the corner Meghan Markle & # 39; strong & # 39; from Givenchy, the brand that the Duchess of Sussex now chooses for all great opportunities. This time the Maison was beaten up by Alessandra Rich, an Italian designer who lived and worked in London. Thank you, of course, for Kate Middleton.

Which, referring to children whose tendency cannot be changed for reuse, has cleaned the same clothes themselves. This time is not for himself. But for others.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, a polka-dot dress by Alessandra Rich, wears it during her trip with her father Donald Trump, in July 2018. Instagram photos

Other celebrities, of course. The hand that believed that the duchess and the stylist did not know that the blue and white polka dot dress was the same as that used by Abigail Spencer to Royal Marriage by Meghan Markle and Harry… And Ivanka Trump, who packed it when she went on an excursion with her father Donald Trump, last July (photo above) …

Kate Middleton

Actress Daisy Ridley, the protagonist / female hero of the new story & # 39; Star Wars & # 39; Alessandra Rich with spots posted on social media. Instagram photos

The same thing was imposed this year by Sarah Jessica Parker, in April: only shorter and worn with a belt at the waist. But identical.

add Daisy Ridley, new hero Star Wars. Her intended dress put it to go on TV and post it on social media. idem Christie Brinkley, A historic American girl and a 70/80 year old supermodel. And it DJ Herri: Alessandra Rich's polka dress, she puts it in a polo match. In the mini version and combined with his pink hair.

Kate Middleton

The polka dress by Alessandra Rich in the Nicole Kidman version. Instagram photos

Not only that. Speaking of variants, there are also Kelly Ripa and, above all, from Nicole Kidman: he is white (pictured above) … In short. Kate Middleton has copied everything, after arriving last.

Dress costs from 1750 to 1250 pounds. Depends on the variants. The accounts have made them an English press, when, after the Royal Marriage of Meghan & Harry, he began making a list of celebrities who had worn them.

Kate Middleton

Even Christei Brinkelym, a historic American supermodel in the 70s and 80s, and British DJ Herri liked the polka dress by Alessandra Rich. And they wear it all before Kate Middleton. Instagram photos

But that was with Kate Middleton, all of which changed. that the future of Queen Catherine he wears it and here he is bent Title of the Year. Correct official coronation …

The dress is part of the 2018 summer summer collection. And it has a beautiful story behind it. The Italian designer but based in London said in reality it had been inspired by famous V-J Day in Times Square, photo 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt: the famous sea kiss for nurses in Manhattan. It was V-Day, the day of victory in the Second World War.

Kate Middleton

The famous shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt, with sailors kissing nurses in Times Square, on the victory day in 1945. The 40s inspired hairdressers as Anni 80 Dynasty TV series and Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth. Instagram photos

Add 80s dynasty, with collins that match the color to the extra-hight wrist. Check with touch Princess Margaret, Elisabetta's sister who likes polka dots and pleated skirts. Final icing, fantasy echoes and shoulders loved by Lady Diana.

The absolute favorite dress by Alessandra Rich is actually Catherine Walker worn by Lady D in 1986 in Saudi Arabia (photo below). Modern and classic, perfect for the newborn fashion icon …

Lady Diana

Lady Diana's dress that Alessandra Rich likes? This is Catherine Walker. That's where the neck and handcuffs get together … Instagram photos

Kate Middleton, of course, also knew this when she decided to copy Sarah Jessica Parker, Daisy Reily, Abigail Spencer & Co …





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