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Ferragosto Shotgun Lite Parking: 2 dead in Messina

The middle of August with blood. In Ucria, c Messina, uncle and nephew were brutally killed by gunfire. The two victims, 30 and 60, were confronted by a third man, probably for parking. after a few moments the feud degenerates. After some insults, the fugitive who left the two lifeless on earth. An altercation between the victims' families and the murderer would immediately follow. However, the killer has been identified and is now barricading himself in the house. The most carabiners Patty is being monitored. Therefore, the small town of Messina had to deal with this tragedy on the very day of August, when many of the residents were on the street. According to local newspapers, a third party was transferred to the hospital under very difficult conditions. They would all be born of a banal quarrel for parking, but it is not yet known whether the victims and the executioner also had verbal confrontations in the past. Now the carabinieri are trying to persuade the killer to surrender.

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