Thursday , October 21 2021

Fondi della Relief, Cassation: "Continue kidnapping"


Attack on court in the League again. The Cassation Court upheld the verdict of the Genoa re-examination court and gave the green light to seize Carroccio's funds to the amount of 49 million euros. With this decision, the sixth criminal section at the Supreme Court rejected calls made by the League leaders Matteo Salvini against the order of review. Last September, a green light to prevent seizures was given. It should be noted, however, that tonight's ruling remains the installment pact that the League has established with the Genoa prosecutor.

The seizure order requested by the Genoa prosecutor in relation to the alleged fraud against the State for voter reimbursement did not mature from 2008 to 2010, where former leader Carroccio Umberto Bossi, former treasurer Francesco Belsito and three former auditors. With the Supreme Court ruling, a request by PG Marco Dall & Olio was welcomed that during an audience held yesterday morning, he had requested a rejection of the appeal filed by the owner of Viminale.

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