Thursday , July 29 2021

here are five myths to debunk

L & # 39;influence will affect around 5 million Italians. To confirm it Fabrizio Pregliasco, virology and researchers from the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health at the University of Milan. The virus, this year with moderate intensity, tends to be AHN1 and B. An effective form of prevention of this disease causes serious complications in people over 65 years and with chronic diseases. , permanent vaccine. CDC – Centers for Disease Prevention and Control – recommend annual vaccinations from the age of six months and above. But this prophylaxis is covered with prejudice. This is the most common and how they are rejected.

1. Influenza vaccine is not very effective

While it's true that its effectiveness isn't 100% – it varies every year depending on how scientists can predict the type of strain that will circulate – vaccines not only can prevent the risk of getting sick, but can also significantly reduce hardness and long time symptoms. Another important benefit is undoubtedly half the cases of hospitalization.

2. You can prevent flu naturally

Supplements and vitamins provide valuable assistance to strengthen the immune system, but cannot prevent the flu. It is good to adopt a few expedients, how to wash hands accurately and avoid frequent visits to crowded places. But vaccines remain the best solution.

3. Vaccines cause flu

Vaccines cannot cause flu because they release the inactive virus that is registered by the body in this way. Sometimes, after inoculation, mild side effects such as pain and drowsiness can occur, but it is not a sign of disease.

4. No need to be vaccinated if enough people do it

In fact, many do not undergo this prophylactic practice. Last year only 59% of children and 43% of adults received vaccines. Group immunity is reached when the percentage increases to 90%. But even if everyone is vaccinated, there will still be a risk of contracting the flu because the virus keeps changing.

5. Healthy subjects do not need to be vaccinated

Not only healthy subjects can get sick just like those who were previously affected, but not by vaccinating them will be serious danger the last life. Consider, for example, parents, whose recovery time is slow and uneven. Staying healthy and eating well can certainly be beneficial, but only vaccination prevents the dangers of hospitalization and serious consequences.

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