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Kidney stones diet or hydroponic kidney health diet

Diet for kidney stones also known as hydroponic diet is indicated for kidney health. It is a diet that may be able to prevent not only the formation of kidney stones but also all other types of stones.

Diet for kidney stones or hydroponic diet it consists of drinking a volume of water daily, allowing a good volume of urine for 24 hours. With a proper hydropin diet, the amount, method and type of water should be prescribed by your doctor. There is water and water. The one recommended for kidney stones is low in minerals, with a low calcium content. Drinking water that is particularly low in calcium, ie With a concentration below 40 mg / l, it may not always be appropriate as it can cause a negative calcium balance and therefore increase intestinal absorption of oxalate.

For the same reason, a low-calcium diet is not always recommended and should be maintained for those patients who have actually shown diet-dependent hypercalciuria. In addition, a diet that is too low in calcium can cause osteoporosis. Adequate diet for those suffering from kidney stones, but also for those who want to prevent them, is usually low in sodium and therefore in cooking salt, sausages, canned food and more. It also provides normal protein intake, which is about 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, to reduce the excretion of calcium, uric acid and oxalates in the urine and increase that of citrates, with a protective effect.

Finally, we must remember In the kidney stones diet or hydroponic diet, fruits and vegetables are rich in oxalate. However, for obvious reasons, it is not advisable to avoid all of these foods or even reduce their intake dramatically. Suffice it to say, however, that spinach, rhubarb and dried fruits contain a lot of oysters. Chocolate is also a high-oxalate diet.

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