Thursday , July 29 2021

Pellegrini-Roma, face to face. Lunge of Manchester United

ROMA – Lorenzo intersection Pellegrini being on a roundabout with two exits: on the one hand there is the oldest and best known path, heart and emotional stability, on the other side of the new international road that leads to economic ambition and satisfaction.

DOUBT – Pellegrini is a day of living with discomfort, because everything is going very fast: flash of the prosecutor at English, with luxury salary proposals more than doubling that presented by Manchester United, he imposed a reflection phase that the post was published later Italy-Portugal on social media it certainly doesn't stop. Pellegrini was split between the idea to continue playing forever with the Rome, follow Totti. De Rossi and Florenzi in the zero kilometer product line, and legitimate aspirations to compete with the biggest football, with the Premier League viewed from the perspective of one of the richest teams in the world. There is enough faltering, as did Totti and De Rossi in the past.

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