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SIOT Congress: Fractures of the femur, wrist or vertebra occur every three seconds

Femoral fractures pose a serious threat to parents and health. Every year 175 thousand people ask for help in the emergency room for this kind of event. According to the World Health Organization because of osteoporosis, every three seconds a fracture of the femur, wrist or spine occurs, the main bone area is affected by this pathology. "Considerable socio-health costs from this widespread and crippling disease are a real challenge for the national health system" are comments from the congressional chair taking place in Bari, Biagio Moretti and Vincenzo Caiaffa

10 NOV – "In our country every year more than 175 thousand people ask for help in the emergency room for vertebral femur fractures (70 thousand) and wrists (15 thousand) with the possibility that their overall numbers are higher considering they are not diagnosed and in almost 80% of these cases are women over age 65. Femoral neck fractures are characterized by a 5% death rate in the acute phase and 15-25% by one year, with overlapping incidents for stroke and breast cancer, and in 30% of cases the patient will have a permanent disability and a reduction in his ability to ambulate independently ". This is what emerged from the work of the 103rd National Congress of the Orthopedic and Traumatology Society of Italy taking place at the Fiera del Levante in Bari.

According to Congress presidents, prof. Biagio Moretti and dr. Vincenzo Caiaffa, "This considerable socio-health cost of widespread and disabling disease is a real challenge for the national health system. Le Aging fractures are often the result of skeletal fragility secondary to osteoporosis. Increased incidence of this disease is defined as a silent epidemic because it often remains as a pathology diagnosed and without adequate pharmacological treatment aimed at prevention of fragility fractures, is responsible for severe motor defects with reduced quality of life and consequential loss.

According to the World Health Organization becauseosteoporosisevery three seconds there is a fracture of the femur, wrist or vertebra, and in women over the age of 45 osteoporosis fractures determine the number of days of hospital stay greater than other diseases such as myocardial infarction, diabetes or breast cancer. "Thighs, vertebrae, wrists and humerus – reminiscent of prof. Moretti and Dott. Caiaffa – are areas of bone most affected by osteoporosis and fracture events are often the result of low-energy and trivial trauma such as falling at home. Broken spine, even if clinically misunderstood, however, it causes a significant increase in the risk of experiencing a new fracture from the spine by up to 5 times more than the normal population and with a doubled risk for proximal femur fracture ".

"For orthopedists, anti-slip in the bathroom and reducing the number of carpets at home is a precaution that can prevent falls and fractures. Among the corrected risk factors, the main ones are calcium deficiency and inadequate vitamin intake. D that in the elderly it almost always has to be pharmacologically integrated, and to prevent further fragility fractures it is important that the patient has been framed and risk factors have been removed to prepare adequate pharmacological therapy, disposition and must be a specialist to arrange the most appropriate therapy for every patient ".

At the 103rd Siot Congress, which returned to Bari after 34 years, around 3,000 orthopedists and traumatologists from all over Italy and other countries took part.

November 10, 2018
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