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Superenalotto, a big party at the Marino di Lodi bar where the ticket for 209 million was played

According to tradition, and as it happened in the past, the first party is where it all began or almost began. This time the theater is in Lodi at the Marino Bar, in the historic city center, which reopens the gateway around 10 in the evening when the owner arrived Marisa Caserini with her husband and daughter. It was here that 6 of Superenalotto's records were hit in more than a year. € 209 160,461 was won: the jackpot is the highest in the history of not only Superenalotto, but of all the world lotteries. The bar was closed at 8pm.

"We are extremely excited, especially because the profits are not for the system, but for the one person who should have asked ticket for two euros explained Sarah Poggie, the owner 's daughter. This means that he is almost certainly a person who is not an expert in the game, and therefore no longer expected to win and also a similar figure. We wish: that the winner shares their winnings with those around him or she really needs it".


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