Thursday , June 17 2021

Suspicious aircraft in the Italian sky were captured by two Eurofighter fighters

wrestling– that an unknown airplane crosses at low altitudes and low speeds in the central Italy sky and it is necessary to immediately understand what the pilot had. So two F-2000 fighters Eurofighter the Italian Air Force flew off the Istraan Air Base (Treviso) this afternoon to catch up – it turned out – the super-light airplane that had escaped from Torre Alfina (Viterbo) airport to Bolzano destination.

The pilot did not report the route to the air traffic controllers triggering Eurofighter's alarm for a few minutes (from 5 to 15 in the situation): in the Scramble jargon.

Thus bison airplanes caught the airplane over the sky of the Veneto region where they identified civilian airplanes and were confident that the crew had recovered regular radio links with air traffic authorities.

It is not easy for fighter pilots to perform these maneuvers on a slower reactive aircraft at such a low altitude. But the training of the Italian "dogfighter" also provides for this.

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The Eurofighter took off after the order received from CAAOOC (Combined Air Center) of Torrejon, a NATO agency responsible for the airspace surveillance area. Jet characteristics and pilots' ability to actually catch even a much slower aircraft, in this case ultra light, allows the pilot to perform an effective visual check even at low speed.

The Air Force provides for surveillance of the national airspace 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with an integrated defense system, from peacetime, to that of other NATO countries.
Since January 2017, Aeronautica Militare has also activated the Eurofighter F-2000 cell at the 51st Storm of Istrana to optimize coverage of national airspace, with a view to reducing overall interference time and timely contrast of possible threats.


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