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The ball is now in Italy, waiting for an answer

Monday November 5 2018 – 22:17

Moscovici: ball is now in Italy, waiting for an answer

Tria: we don't change the maneuver, we are discussing

Moscovici: ball is now in Italy, waiting for an answer

Roma, November 5 (askanews) – "The ball is now on the Italian pitch which must submit a revised budget project on November 13, I really hope so and we are still available to continue the debate. And I hope that is because it absolutely needs to move forward". So European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici at the end of the Eurogroup about the essence of Italian maneuvers.

"I welcome strong support from the Eurogroup for the Commission's approach," Moscovici said. The European Union executive "will adopt his views on the budget plan on November 21", after "for the first time asking member countries to submit a revised budget".

"The Commission – confirmed Moscovici – carried out its analysis appropriately and objectively, keeping in mind the common interests and all citizens. In full respect of national sovereignty but also – said Eurocommissario – in full awareness of sovereignty divided by agreement".

To Italy "we asked for a new and revised draft budget and the questions we asked were still at the table – Moscovici added at the end of the Eurogroup. If the deficit is cut or increased, if the debt is controlled and if and how – he remembers – this strategy can trigger growth".

– "Maneuvers have not changed, we discuss we must respond to the Commission on November 13, am I not answering here," said Economy Minister Giovanni Tria, responding to reporters at the end of the Eurogroup.

"We have studied maneuvers, data and strategies. Dialogue, dialogue will be conducted with the Commission, which is our interlocutor at this stage, we will respond within the time limit set to the Commission," the minister said.

In short, today, he observed, "there is no conflict or compromise. The Eurogroup calls for further dialogue with the Commission".

As for the commitment to reduce public debt, which the Commission does not seem to believe, Tria said: "It is written in our maneuver: our estimate is that debt will fall by 4 percentage points in three years".



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