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«The door of the house is no longer open»


Jussi Pepi opens in Palermo. Husband: «The door of the house is no longer open»

She was gone, leaving five children and one husband at home: there was no trace for more than a month Giuseppe Pepi, a woman from Victoria, the province of Ragusa, who was last seen on October 15 and got on a car in front of her house. From that day she lost all her mark and the investigators began to worry about the worst, Giuseppe is instead, it was found healthy and safe yesterday in Palermo. Investigative reversal of the case of the disappearance of Jussy came after a report by Ragusa's mobile team, directed by Antonio Chiavola. Investigators at the Palermo police station have made several persecutions that have allowed him to find him again. The woman was discovered while sitting with two men on a bench.

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What some witnesses said was so plausible that the police "blocked" it in downtown Palermo. Jousi's husband has appealed several times on national television, claiming it was a voluntary disappearance.

Some witnesses interviewed by the press claim that the woman has fled to avoid harassment and violence to her husband. This fact was repeatedly denied by the person who, together with Adriana Licizra, a family lawyer, showed the opposite of the reports of the social workers from Vitoria. Jussi Adva and Mangevery day at Caritas in Palermo. The woman was near the victims of Tradici Square, a step from Caritas, where she went to collect the bag of food. Researchers have asked to acquire images from the area where the woman's presence was reported, and thanks to the viewer's testimony they managed to identify Giuseppe. The woman is fine. These hours are heard by the men of the Ragusa team.

"I'm glad she was found and she's okay but she will not find the doors after hearing she was seen with two men on a bench in Palermo. I do not want it anymore», Said David Avvola, the husband of Giuseppe Peppi, who reported the disappearance of her wife. The relationship between the two spouses was at the center of various television programs. Some witnesses talked about the couple's problems, the jealousy of the man who, according to the interviewees, would keep his wife locked in the house. An accusation that has always been denied. "If my wife insists on this version, "said Avola," there is no reason to come back to me. Instead, she must admit she loves another life and has no interest in her children. This affair hurt me and my children, and the discovery in Palermo where I suspected she had gone from day one is a confirmation that she loves to make another life»,

"The important thing is, it's good. My children have the right to see it again. As for me, many lies are told. The blame is on those who take advantage of it. My wife has a weak personality and an unstable person because of the serious problems she has suffered in the past, "says David Avvola. She trusted the sinful people who fooled her and made her return to the sinful ways that had ruined her and plunged into the abyss. In the Palermo police station, whose meeting is Renato Cortez, Jousie Peppi was visited by police doctors who found her in good health. The man who found her said to the agents who intervened: "She was clean and tidy, she also had her hair so I do not think it was awkward, but I immediately called to report."

Now the investigations ordered by the prosecutor of the Republic of Ragusa will have to clarify the position of the two spouses about the alleged violence in the family. It is not excluded that David Avola will be entered into the suspects' registry just because of the abuse of the family. Meanwhile, his wife is under the protection of the police, which has activated a procession for the victims of violence.

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