Tuesday , September 28 2021

"We want points, now there are two difficult matches"

Mauro Icardi. ANTARA News

Mauro Icardi. ANTARA News

Third goal in the Champions League for Mauro Icardi. The third heavy goal, given Tottenham's victory at PSV. Inter remain at +3 against London thanks to the Argentine network, which is decisive as the two previously in the Champions League (1-1 against Spurs and 2-1 against PSV). The Nerazzurri captain spoke at the end of the match against Barcelona: "good point. The message from this match that we want to pass through the group, we want to take points in this match knowing that now we will have two difficult matches. Tottenham is present? We hope what what happened here at San Siro will happen (laugh) … ".

The usual Mauro Icardi: some touching balls, also thanks to Barcelona's high center. But cos Argentina: not giving up, waiting cunningly and, on the first occasion, attacking. Like against Tottenham, like tonight: "There is a bit of luck, there is a ball there. Vecino the talisman, there is always half of him and then we save it to the end even if it's broken". The Nerazzurri are a big match, as confirmed by Icardi in the Sky Sport microphone: "We suffer because we played against the best teams in the world, they did their typical dribbles and we ran a lot. After the goal, the team didn't give up and goals came. We believe against Tottenham, which we continue to do today, tonight is almost the same, maybe in the end we can do a little better.Today we made a few mistakes at the exit like at Camp Nou, but the ship press throughout the field and it was not easy to get out That is the worst thing at night, we will try to improve. " Inter are still second in the group, with their fate in hand. In a sign, not even said, about Captain Mauro Icardi.


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